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Write a two to three page paper taking into consideration the perspectives of three major players in health care delivery: (1) the patient, (2) the doctor, and (3) the hospital.

Write a two to three page paper taking into consideration the perspectives of three major players in health care delivery: (1) the patient, (2) the doctor, and (3) the hospital.

Please address the following in writing your paper:

  1. From the patient perspective:
    • What do patients expect from medical treatment?
    • What leads people to seek treatment?
    • How does a patient decide where to go for treatment?
  2. From the doctor’s perspective:
    • How does a physician expect to be paid?
    • How does a physician decide what patients to treat?
    • What threats exist today to a doctor’s autonomy and authority?
  3. From the hospital’s perspective:
    • How would a hospital prefer to relate to physicians on its staff?
    • How has the relationship between hospitals and physicians changed over the past 50 years?
    • What impact does the dominance of the nonprofit form of hospital have on the relationship to the physician?
    • What do hospitals expect from patients?
    • How does a hospital’s duty to treat differ from the physician’s?

In writing this paper, discuss each player and each point. Please cite sources to back your opinions and writings. Double space your paper. Use Headings to organize your paper if appropriate.

question 2. DUTY TO SERVE

Note: For the purposes of this assignment, and for the sake of clarity, let us refer to the “duty to treat” as the “duty to serve.”

Write a two to three page paper that contrasts the “duty to serve” between grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels (as one group), and hospitals (as the other group).

  • Support your thoughts with legal arguments from the text.
  • You might consider how the very nature of the two “providers” differs.
  • Consider also what people seek from each group.
  • Consider what each group offers.
  • What is the expectation in each case?

Cite sources to your writings from your text and/or internet, articles, etc

question 3. quizess.Complete the HMO Regulationand the ERISA Preemption Quiz Your instructor is looking for your answers with the justification to those answers according to materials you are reading in the textbook and/or materials you have read for the course through your own investigation Do not answer just “True” or “False” to each. Explain your answer with support from material

1. true or false A; all HMOs must comply with the federal HMO Act. B; the main concern of both federal and state HMO regulation is financial solvency. 2. which of these is the better argument that , in the aabsence of explicit regulation, physicain groups that are paid global capitation are not subject to general state insurance regulation? a; these groups are engaged primarily in the delivery of health care services. b; these groups do not bear substatial financial risk.

3. which kinds of patients in HMOs are most vulnerable to poor quality of care.

due to ERISA preemption, are any of the following true, why or why not. A; States may not force force employee to purchase insurance. B; states may not require self-insured employers to cover mental health services. Cstates may not regulate the rates that hospital charge(i)insurers and HMOs, or (II) Self-insured employers.

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