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Write a fiction story using guidelines below

Write a fiction story using guidelines below 


Final Manuscript and Workshop Assignment

1) Select any 2nd draft (or any other writing project that you began during the current

semester) that you would like to continue to work with. You may choose to work from

your most current draft or use the piece as an inspiration to start something new. Your

only restriction is that this must be a piece that you began during the current

semester, either in class or on your own.

2) Edit/change/grow/expand your original work into one 6-10 page manuscript in one

of the following genres:

a. Fiction or non-fiction (one unified piece; segmenting, etc okay)

b. Poetry (any number of separate poems)

c. Play script (any number of scenes from the same play)

Poetry or a play script may be double- or single-spaced as makes the most sense for the

piece and meets the length requirement. Prose must be double-spaced.

3) We will have a mock workshop, followed by formal group workshop for each student’s

work during weeks 13-15. You are responsible for posting at least 4 pages of your

manuscript draft to Blackboard for the class 48 hours in advance of your workshop

date, which will be randomly selected (if you are aware that you must be absent on

one of the scheduled workshop dates, notify Prof. Ritt no later than week 11). Failure

to submit your draft for group workshop will result in a grade of 0 on the final

manuscript, regardless of work submitted. No exceptions will be made.

4) Participating in workshop is worth up to 20 points of your final grade. In order to

receive participation points, you will read the drafts for workshop on each date, bring

a copy to class, and be prepared to offer at least one comment on each piece.

Participation procedures will be explained further during the mock workshop.

5) Your final draft of the final manuscript is due on the last day of class. No late

papers will be accepted, and extensions are not valid on the final manuscript. This

assignment is worth 100 points, or 25% of your overall course grade. You will be

graded, similarly to class assignments, on the regular creative writing rubric. Keep in

mind that as a revision piece, this work should show significant growth and

substantial revision from the original draft, including careful attention to storytelling

and language elements as well as to editing and formatting. Your final manuscript

should be portfolio-quality work that you are proud to submit. You will also include a

brief artist’s statement (+10 out of the 100 points), explaining your vision for the piece.

Further instructions for manuscript submission are given on the reverse.

See Prof. Ritt with any questions or concerns. Remember that the Writing Lab is available

to you as a resource. Happy writing!


Final Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Due last day of class promptly at 12:30pm

 Final manuscript

o Length: 6-10 pages

 Manuscripts shorter than 6 pages will lose points.

 Manuscripts longer than 10 pages will not receive in-line comments

after page 10. If your planned piece is much longer than 10 pages,

you may include a short synopsis (1 paragraph max) of the rest of the

plot. Your excerpt should still make sense on its own as a chapter.

o Formatting: Size 12 font, normal margins

 Poetry: Single or double-space; leave an extra blank line between

separate poems. If only one poem to a page, be sure to include 6-10

pages worth of text.

 Play script or screenplay: Single or double-space (if long lines); follow

play- or screenwriting conventions for formatting (see playwriting

handout for details).

 Fiction or non-fiction: Double-space; use prose formatting (NOT script)

for dialogue and actions.

o Standards: Manuscript will be graded on the normal rubric, with each column

x3 points. Points possible= 90.

 Artist’s statement

o Write a one-page statement exploring any or all of the following ideas.

Please be as specific as possible:

 What were your goals for revising this manuscript?

 What inspired you to write the piece originally?

 What do you want the reader to know about its creation and/or form?

 In what ways do you feel your writing has grown or changed this

semester? In what ways do you hope to continue to grow?

o Please double-space your artist’s statement.

o Artist’s statements will be graded on thoughtful evaluation of your work and

revision process, specificity, and clarity. Points possible= 10.

 Large-size 8×11” envelope (will be provided)

addressed as follows:

o Return address (top left corner):

 Prof. Megan Ritt, English Dept

Harold Washington College

30 E. Lake St

Chicago, IL 60601

o Your address (center):

 Your name and full street address (include zip code)

 You should receive your final manuscript, along with comments, via USPS within 2-

3 weeks of the last day of class. (I will mail them from school shortly after final

grades are done; scores will be available on Brightspace).


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