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Where does fertilization occur in humans?

Question 21

Which of the following is NOT one of the principle parts of a neuron?

Soma (cell body)

Question 22

The Conclusion to the Chinese room argument is that a computer computes whereas a brain thinks, understands and has consciousness.



Question 23

Which logic gate does a G-Protein process act like if it requires two G-Proteins, one of them on and one off?

None of the above

Question 24

Rolf Landauer discovered that the process of erasing a bit of information dissipates a small amount of energy as heat.



Question 25

Which of the following is NOT one of the four primary regions of the brain?

Medulla Oblongata
Brain Stem

Question 26

The dendrites of one neuron synapse (come together with) with the dendrites of the next neuron.



Question 27

One of the sources of embryonic stem cells is fertility clinics.



Question 28

According to the author of our textbook, Science is a description of reality, not an explanation of reality.



Question 29

If a cell has differentiated into mesoderm the only types of tissue that can be grown is nervous tissue.



Question 30

DNA is biology s version of a Heisenberg s Uncertainty Principle.



Question 31

Neurons use chemical mechanisms to transfer an electric impulse from cell to cell to affect a response.



Question 32

An axon in a neuron has a protective coating to help insulate the electrical signal sent along its length.



Question 33

Which of the following is the brain responsible for?

Controlling blood pressure
Handles physical motion when walking
All of the above

Question 34

Which of the following base is not found in an RNA structure?.


Question 35

All of the following describe eukaryotic mRNA except______.

It uses Ribose for its sugar
It is double stranded
It uses Uracil as one of its bases
It is single stranded

Question 36

A _____ is a collection of primitive electronic devices that simulate the human neural system.

Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Intelligence
Central Intelligence
Central Network

Question 37

Nucleic Acids are made up of all of the following except ________?


Question 38

The medulla oblongata controls 6 reflex centers.



Question 39

Where can scientists get embryonic stem cells?

Skin cells
Fat cells
Inner cell mass
Bone marrow
Question 40

Where does fertilization occur in humans?

Fallopian tube
None of the above
Question 41

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