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What model of care do you think should be created to meet the future demand of the elderly, the increasingly obese, and the information-savvy health care consumer?


Paper Details
Week 6

Shaping a Preferred Future for Nursing



Course Media:Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare
“Shaping a Preferred Future for Nursing,” featuring Dr. Kenneth J. Rempher and Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Required Readings

Course Text:Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing(8th ed.)
Chapter 7, “Understanding Power and Politics”

Course Text:Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation and Application Retrieved”>

Course Text:Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice Retrieved”>

Course Text: American Nursing Association (2010).Nursing’s social policy statement: The essence of the profession (3rd ed.). Silver Springs, MD: Nurses Retrieved from”>

Cowen, M., Halasyamani, L., McMurtrie, D., Hoffman, D., Polley, T., & Alexander, J. et. al (2008). Organizational structure for addressing the attributes of the ideal healthcare delivery system.Journal of Healthcare Management,53(6), 407-419.
Huston, C. (2008). Preparing nurse leaders for 2020.Journal of Nursing Management,16, 905-911.
Milstead, J. A. (2003). Interweaving policy and diversity.Online Journal of Issues in Nursing,8(1), 5.
Porter-O’Grady, T. (2003). Innovation and creativity in a new age for health care.Journal of the New York State Nurses Association,34(2), 4-8.
Rossen, E., Bartless, R., & Herrick, C (2008). Interdisciplinary collaboration: The need to revisit.Issues in Mental Health Nursing,29(4), 387-396.
Tofte, S. J. (2005). Why standards of practice?Dermatology Nursing,17(1), 9.

Health Workforce Solutions LLC & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2008). Innovative Care Models. Retrieved”>

Optional Resources are listed in the Week 6 Learning Resources.


Discussion 1: Innovative Delivery Care Models

Respond to the following:
What model of care do you think should be created to meet the future demand of the elderly, the increasingly obese, and the information-savvy health care consumer?
How might this model of care change or support the role of the nurse as defined by ANA’sNursing: Scope & Standards of Practice,Code of Ethics,and Nursing’s Social Policy Statement?

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.

Post your response by Day 3of this week. Respond by Day 5to at least two colleagues’ postings. See the Week 6 Discussion area for details.


Practicum Activities:Present Leadership Change Project

This week your instructor has assigned you to create and post a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Leadership Change Project. Post your PowerPoint presentation byday 5of this week. (See Rubric in Course Info)

In this Discussion, post the Leadership Change Project you developed.

In addition and based on your experiences, observations, and readings, compose a Discussion post that responds to the following:
Review all of your team members’ presentations in your group and summarize the challenges and opportunities inherent in facilitating change in a interdisciplinary environment.
Present strategies for addressing these challenges.

Post your response to this Discussion by Day 5. Respond to at least two colleagues’ postings by Day 7.
Course Evaluation

Please complete the course evaluation by Day 7.

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