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What is the difference between Infrastructure and ad hoc modes in WLAN?

Assignment No 21. Convert the binary data “011010” into analog waveforms using following modulationtechniques:a. Two level Amplitude Shift Keyingb. Two level Frequency Shift Keyingc. Two level Phase Shift Keyingd. Differential Phase shift keyinge. Four level Amplitude Shift Keyingf. Four level Phase Shift Keyingg. Eight level Amplitude Shift Keying2. With fc = 500 kHz, fd = 25 kHz, and M = 16 (L = 4 bits), compute the frequencyassignments for each of the sixteen possible 4-bit data combinations.3. Draw the approximate Analog Modulation and Frequency Modulation waveforms incomplete steps for the following signal:4. Draw the 16 QAM Constellation Diagram having two different amplitude levels and eightdifferent phase levels.5. Explain and draw the Error Detection Process for Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).6. Compute the frame check sequence for the following information:Message = 10111100, Pattern = 110117. Compute the transmitted signal using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum for thefollowing information:Input: 1011, Locally Generated PN bit stream: 101011011010, T = 3Tc8. What is the difference between Infrastructure and ad hoc modes in WLAN? Draw theirrelative diagrams as well.9. Compare the differences of TCP and OSI protocols for wired and wireless LANs usingdiagrams.10. Explain why the square and circle shapes cells for cellular communications are notappropriate as compared to hexagonal shape cells.

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