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What hazardous materials might need to be removed from the facility?

Case Study
THE SITUATION: You are an Industrial Hygienist for a large New Orleans Hospital, and you evacuated to Baton Rouge
after the Katrina disaster. It is 6 weeks after the event and you have been given the responsibility to supervise a team that
will return to the hospital, evaluate the situation, and participate in a plan to re-establish basic medical needs for the
workers involved in the recovery effort. Your team is composed of the hospital’s current Safety Supervisor (programs and
training), the Environmental Manager (physical plant, wastes and regulatory issues), and two technicians (versed in IH
and environmental sample collection and testing). There are 20-25 additional employees from other areas (professional,
technical, and support staff) of the hospital under the direction of the Incident Commander. Everyone on the recovery
team will be housed on site in FEMA trailers. Power for all operations is from large FEMA portable emergency generators.
Your offices are on the second floor of the building, along with the surgical suites, clinical laboratory, and pharmacy. In

your offices, there is a considerable amount of trash and debris scattered about with ample evidence of the public’s
intrusion of the area after the event. You will find muddy footprints and open cabinets, along with testing supplies and
equipment strewn about your team’s work space. The surgical suites and clinical laboratory areas are very messy but
otherwise in good shape; however, the pharmacy has been trashed and ransacked. The basement and much of the first
floor were flooded to a level of about 6 feet. The main administrative offices, emergency room operations, and
cafeteria/kitchen were on the first floor. The hospital will not be able to provide its own power for at least 6-8 weeks.
Normal communication lines are down. Cell phones are working sporadically, but promises have been made for rapid
improvement over the next 10 to 14 days. Most communications in these early days of recovery are face to face.
THE BOSS NEEDS: The Incident Commander (person in-charge of recovery) for this operation is looking to you for
guidance on safe entry, safe clean up procedures, appropriate PPE for all recovery workers, and a hazard assessment for
the most critical items or operations that can cause acute or chronic health effects, illness, or disease. Remember that you
are to respond as the industrial hygienist working for the hospital. It is important to consider the industrial hygiene hazards
for the hospital as well as those introduced by the hurricane.
THE QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED: You may respond to these questions in any order you choose.
• What recommendations and guidance would you make to the Incident Commander to address his concerns and
• What are the main Industrial Hygiene concerns for your team and the clean-up recovery workers?BOS 4301, Industrial Hygiene 3
• How would you organize your team?

• What tasks would you assign to them?
• What PPE would you require for your team members and the recovery workers – short term and then later in the
recovery effort?
• What testing equipment would you require for your team members?
• What hazardous materials might need to be removed from the facility?
• What air monitoring would need to be conducted?
• How would you delegate certain duties to your team members?
• Provide any other pertinent information you feel is important and necessary.
The response for this Case Study must be a minimum of four to five pages (not including the title or bibliography page),
and should be double spaced. In addition to the text, you should provide at least three reference sources of information
used to support your positions in this Case Study. The Ebsco Database (Business Source Complete) is a very good
source for journals related to this topic. Students can access the CSU Online Library resources from the My Library button
located in the Course Menu.
CSU requires that students use the APA format in writing course papers. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting,
paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.
To submit your completed assignment upload it using the “Case Study” link located in Unit IV. Do not e-mail your paper

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