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What are persuasive audience appeals?

Week 8: Well-Balanced Audience Appeals

Step 1: Review The Keys to Persuasion (pdf). Are the audience appeals in your essay well-balanced?

  • Share why you think your appeals are well-balanced or unbalanced. Explain why you feel this way.
    • Share any paragraphs that you feel illustrate the balance of the audience appeals (logic, credibility, and emotion). You may also share an unbalanced paragraph where one (or more) of the appeals is stronger than the other(s).

Step 2: Help one or more classmates balance their appeals by providing feedback and asking questions.

  • For example: Have you created a list of your supporting points and thought about how you will appeal to each point?
  • What are persuasive audience appeals? A persuasive audience appeal is a way to convince an audience to

    accept your point of view. There are three kinds of persuasion or

    ways to appeal to an audience: logic, credibility, and emotion.

    Logical appeals tell the reader that your argument is well-reasoned.

    Credibility appeals tell the reader that you are a trustworthy guide.

    Emotional appeals tell the reader why they should care.

    “The ability, in each case, to see all of the available means of persuasion.” – Aristotle

    Why is it important to use all three appeals? Using all three appeals in your persuasive writing will help you

    form a connection with your audience. First, the audience must

    trust your credibility as a writer – that you have facts to back up

    your position and that your arguments are not flawed. To keep the

    audience’s trust, make sure you’re using logic and reasoning to

    persuade others. That doesn’t mean you can’t use emotion in your

    writing! Just remember to always back up an emotional appeal

    with logic that strengthens your credibility.

    THE KEYS TO PERSUASION * Print this guide and refer to it throughout this course to help you understand how the keys to persuasion work and how you will use the audience appeals to build an effective persuasive position for your essay.

    Defined key terms for unfamiliar readers?

    Organized my ideas in a logical order?

    Supported each of my points with facts, statistics, examples, or analogies?

    Described opposing perspectives and countered them with more evidence?

    Credibility Do you trust me?

    Emotion How do I make you feel?

    Logic Am I making sense?

    Have I…? Have I…? Have I…?


    Explained what makes me trustworthy on this topic?

    Established common ground with the reader?

    Cited high-quality sources?

    Confidently communicated my knowledge on the topic?

    Addressed opposing perspectives respectfully and fairly?

    Made points that are ethical and honest?

    Told stories to stir the reader’s feelings?

    Described how my topic affects individuals?

    Connected to the reader’s deeply held values?

    Used emotion-filled language and vivid descriptions?

    Framed my position as a problem the reader can relate to or sympathize with?

    Expressed my own passion for the topic?


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