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What approach would you use to isolate only cells that contain this new structure? What techniques could be used to characterize the structure and composition of the structure?

For each of the SLP assignments, you will be provided with a
hypothetical experimental scenario or data. These assignments are more
opened-ended than the case assignments. You will speculate about
possible explanations and the ways they might be tested, but be sure to
that your hypotheses are grounded in accepted biological science. In
doing this, you will mimic the action of scientists who are continuously
collecting new data, formulating hypotheses, and testing their ideas.

In a newly-explored deep-sea environment, several potentially new
species of apparent bacteria have been discovered. In some of these
single-celled life forms, a novel structure has been observed. The
structure is apparently bound to the interior surface of the cell
membrane and so does not float freely in the cytosol. Preliminary
investigation indicates that this structure typically appears circular
or ovoid in shape. It apparently consists of a long chain of nucleic
acid wrapped around a tube of an unknown protein.

What approach would you use to isolate only cells that contain this
new structure? What techniques could be used to characterize the
structure and composition of the structure? How might you identify the
type of protein and nucleic acid? What would you hypothesize to be the
function of this structure? To what eukaryotic organelle might this
structure be analogous and why?

I have what I wrote but I got a NR
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Daniel Simmons
Trident University
Dr. Karonika Biology 101
Session Long Project Module 1
The Deep Sea Monster
Deep sea creature experiment
Isolating cells that contain structure: The most important thing in isolating my cells is not to cause any damage. We would use something to solubilize and break down the cell. For this we would make an attempt with lysosome enzymes. The cell structure appears be bound to the interior surface of the cell membrane and does not float freely in the cytosol.
Characterization and comparison techniques: Once the cells had been separated me next step would be to use X-ray crystallography and get a good three-dimensional image of my subject. This image would enable me to create a map of my subject. We could then use that to start analyzing the information we have available. I would take this information and compare it to known organisms
Identification: Protein and Nucleic acid structures. Now we just need to figure out the types of proteins we are dealing with. Using mass spectrometry we can actually show the breakdown of the amino acids as well as the structure and foundation of the chain. It appears to have a long chain wrapped around an unknown protein.
Hypothosis: After researching further it would appear this function of this structure is to used synthesize the proteins and produce energy. It has proteins that are long chain – those should be indicative of electron transport leading to production of ATP. This new organism appears be analogous to mitochondria and apparently has its own DNA.

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