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Using an established reflective model reflect upon and analyse your knowledge, experiences and observations in relation to your chosen question

This essay is a reflective writing.

Steps in essay writing:

  • Using an established reflective model reflect upon and analyse your knowledge, experiences and observations in relation to your chosen question
  • Next, identify and cite one of the readings, articles or videos from the eModules and

discuss how this resource helps you to expand and deepen your original reflections

on this topic.

  • Using the sociological imagination template, answer the original question you

identified in Step 1, using Germov (2104) and at least four other academic sources

(e.g. journal articles, research reports) to support your answer. Locate these

academic sources through your own information search. (1000 words)

Required text:

Germov, J. (Ed.). (2014). Second opinion: An introduction to health sociology (5th ed.). South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press. (Available as an eBook)

Recommended Reference list:

Commonwealth of Australia. (2008). Council of Australian Governments national

partnership agreement on closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes.

Retrieved from:

Barry, A-M., & Yuill, C. (2012). Understanding the sociology of health: An introduction (3rd ed.). London: Sage.

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Bradby, H. (2012). Medicine, health and society: A critical sociology. Thousand Oaks,CA: Sage.

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Aboriginal Australia (1st ed.). Basinstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

Cockerham, G.B., & Cockerham, W.C. (2010). Health & globalization. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

Couzos, S., & Murray, R. (Ed.). (2008). Aboriginal primary health care: An evidencebased approach (3rd ed.). South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press. 10

Gannon, M.J. (2008). Paradoxes of culture and globalization. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Gopinath, C. (2008). Globalization: A multidimensional system. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

Hampton and Toombs (2013) Indigenous Australians and health: The wombat in the room. South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press.

Healey, J. (Ed.). (2008). Indigenous disadvantage. Thirroul, NSW: Spinney Press.

Healey, J. (Ed.). (2008). The globalization issue. Thirroul, NSW: Spinney Press.

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societies: Development and inequality  (2nd ed.). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave


Pink, B., & Allbon, P. (2008). The health and welfare of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander peoples. ABS Catalogue No. 4704.0. AIHW Catalogue No. IHW 21.

Belconnen, ACT: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Retrieved from:

Ranzijn, R., McConnochie, K., & Nolan, W. (2009). Psychology and Indigenous

Australians. Foundations of  cultural competence. South Yarra, VIC: Palgrave

MacMillan Australia.

Taylor, K., & Guerin, P. (2014). Health care and indigenous Australians: Cultural safety in practice (2nd ed.). South Yarra, VIC. Palgrave Macmillan.

Taylor, J., Wilkinson, D., & Cheers, B. (2008). Working with communities in health and human services. South Melbourne, VIC: Oxford University Press.

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Willis, E., Reynolds, L., & Keleher, H. (Eds.). (2012). Understanding the Australian health care system (2nd ed.). Chatswood, NSW: Elsevier.

Willis, K., & Elmer, S. (2011). Society, culture and health: An introduction to sociology for nurses. (2nd ed.). South Melbourne, VIC.: Oxford University Press.

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