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Unit II Social Psy – Smart Essays

Unit II Soc Psy

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Question 1: During presidential elections, people are bombarded with information and statements provided by various politicians (both from their preferred and opposing perspectives). When people watch a debate, it has been found that they often point out the internal contradictions, flaws in logic, and hypocrisy in positions they oppose while glossing over the same shortcomings for positions they support. This is an example of:

the confirmation bias.
the availability heuristic.
belief perseverance.
healthy skepticism, and the right thing to do.

Question 2:Which of the following is one of the key ideas common to dual processing?

We can process information in either a behavioral or an effective manner.
We can process information by using either categories or exemplars.
We can process information in either intuition or logic thinking systems.
We can process information either alone or together in groups.

  Question 3: Ben knows that his mother would really like it if he went to church every Sunday, and doing so would make him feel like he was meeting the expectations of what a Christian is expected to do. However, he does not make it to church very frequently on Sunday mornings, often feeling guilt and self-contempt. Ben is experiencing a discrepancy between his

actual self and ideal self.
ideal self and ought self.
actual self and ought self.
ideal self and real self.

Question 4: Alan is sure to tell his boss about every new client he gets for their firm, and he is sure to pass along any compliments he gets from those clients. Which impression strategy is Alan using?

Conspicuous consumption
Opinion conformity

  Question 5: When an individual engages in basking in reflected glory (BIRGing), which of the following occurs?

One’s self-esteem is defended by making external attributions about others.
One distances himself from an in-group to protect his self-concept.
One changes the number of social groups he identifies with.
One enhances his self-concept by identifying with the accomplishments of an in-group.

Question 6: Briefly describe the intuition thinking process and the logic thinking process. In your response, identify a key difference between the two, and give an example of when you have used each process. Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

Question 7:Mental shortcuts can be both beneficial and costly. Identify one benefit and one disadvantage associated with the representativeness heuristic. Give a specific example from your life, the lives of people you know, or the media. After you describe the example and provide the benefit/disadvantage, discuss a better way of thinking about that particular situation. Your answer must be a minimum of 75 words in length.

Question 8: Describe a time when social comparison theory may have occurred in your life or someone else’s life. How did this inform your self-knowledge? Be sure to include specific examples of what types of comparison occurred and how that comparison guided your evaluation of self-concept. Your answer must be a minimum of 200 words in length.

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