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This research proposal seeks to investigate the impact of tourism on the coastal environment of India. The study is based on the hypothesis that tourism activities contribute to pollution of the coastal environment and the level of government regulations influence how tourists interact with the coastal ecosystem. Literature review indicates a positive correlation between tourism and coastal environment. The proposed study will employ quantitative techniques to collect and analyze data. Responses collected using questionnaires will be analyzed and interpreted using the Spearman and Pearson and descriptive statistics. Snowballing technique is used to get participants from the 24 coastal cities of India. The study will discuss how actions of the tourists directly affect India’s coastal environment.
Nature of the Study
As worldwide demand for leisure and recreation activities grows, numerous tourism opportunities have been created for countries with unique and natural environments. Among the popular destinations for tourist are the coastal regions. India has a significant size of coastal resources with rich aquatic biodiversity. The country has one of the world’s longest coastline spanning about 8,414 kilometers. The increasing pressure from environmental pollutants strains most of the country’s coastal resources. About 45 percent of India’s coastline is facing attrition with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands recording the highest level of erosion of close to 89 percent (Rajawat et al., 2015). Early this year, volunteers removed 5.3 million kilograms of rubbish from the beach of Mumbai, the world’s largest amount of litter ever removed from a public city beach (stuff, 2017). There are other eighteen more beaches across India that are similarly toxic and heavily littered.
Disposal of raw sewage and industrial waste constitute the largest pollutants of the coastal regions of India. on the other hand, waste from the mainland washed into the coastlines through rivers is having a significant toll on the well-being of the coastal environment. About 31,250 tons of synthetic detergents, 1.25 million tons of fertilizers from farms, and 13,750 tons of pesticides find their way into the coastal waters (Gupta et al., 1989). Recent studies have indicated a correlation between tourist activities and environmental pollution. Acts such as deep diving close to aquatic habitats, littering, trampling, and picking of coastal vegetation are some of the behaviors by the tourists that contribute to ruining of coastal environment (Egbuche et al., 2015). on the contrary, the constant use causes “wear and tear” of the coastal resources such as the contamination of beach waters. The disappearance of coastal vegetation, destruction of aquatic habitats, and piling plastic material in the coastal water is directly linked to tourist activities. This research proposal intends to investigate the impact of tourism on the coastal environment of India.
Problem Statement
Few scholars have investigated the role of tourism activities on the degradation of the coastal environment of India. The available limited studies that investigated similar topic show a strong correlation between the activities related to the tourism industry and the degradation of coastal environment (Bera, 2015; Egbuche et al., 2015; Ghosh & Datta, 2012). The major areas affected by the tourist undertakings include the deep water, beaches, coral reefs, aquatic breeding areas, habitats, and coastal vegetation. Evidence shows that movements, picking of wild plant’s flowers and leave, littering, and physical interference of deep ocean environment as among the activities that affect the well-being of the coastal environment. Thus, these studies support the hypothesis that tourism has a direct impact on the coastal environments. Unfortunately, responsible parties do not appreciate the impact of tourist activities on the coastal environment of India. For that reason, the proposed research hypothesizes that weak government regulation on the coastal tourism industry permits environmental irresponsibility among the key players.
Purpose Statement
The goal of this research is the development of knowledge about the link between tourism activities and pollution of the coastal environment. There is a sense of urgency to come up with research data that can influence policy formation and implementation by the key stakeholders. The proposed investigation will explore different tourist-related action and activities that affect the coastal environment. Additionally, the study intends to examine the relationship between the government regulation or lack of and the effect of tourism on the coastal environment. This research paper will make a significant contribution to the research literature on the subject.
Aims and Objectives
The primary objective of the study is to determine, recognize, and comprehend the effect of tourism on the coastal environment of India. The study intends to investigate:
The current state of the coastal environment in India
The correlation between tourism and pollution of the coastal environment
How tourism activities contribute to the pollution of the India’s coasts
The overall significance of the tourism industry in the global market
Research Question
What is the impact of tourism activities on the well-being of the coastal environment of India?
What are the tourist activities that affect India’s coastal environment?
To what level do the government regulations on tourism industry affect the impact of tourists’ activities on India’s coastal environment?
Literature Review

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