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The Case Of Kenny

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The Case of KennyCCMH/522 Version 1 1

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The Case of Kenny

Kenny is a 22-year-old, African-American male. He has been attending the local community college for the past year, following a brief time in the military. He had been earning above-average grades and was getting along well with his peers and classmates. However, about 8 months ago, Kenny’s family noted that he began to behave oddly and was not taking care of himself as well as he previously had. They began to notice that he would stare blankly for long periods of time, and when they would comment on this, Kenny would respond that he was preoccupied and continue staring. Later, he began to mumble softly as though he were talking to someone; however, there was never anyone present during these episodes, with the exception of family members who were observing from afar and not engaging with Kenny.

In the last month, Kenny has begun speaking loudly and often appears agitated for no reason. He was once heard saying, “Go away; I don’t care what you think” in an emphatic tone while shaking his finger at the wall. He has stopped attending classes and seeing his girlfriend of 2 years without clear explanation. She recently asked him why he stopped wanting to spend time with her, and he responded that she was “part of the group” and offered no additional clarification. His hygiene has considerably deteriorated, and he spends most of his time lying on the couch all day, staring at the ceiling. He says he does not care about anything anymore. When he is not on the couch, he moves aimlessly from room to room, often stopping and reversing his tracks, but never going anywhere in particular. When he does talk, his thoughts are scattered, and he looks wild-eyed, according to his parents. When Kenny’s parents recommend that he seek help, he responds in a hostile manner that there is nothing wrong with him, and says that everyone should just “mind their own business.” However, after a great deal of coaxing, Kenny has come to a counseling session with you. His parents have joined him at the session.

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