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Share your PICOT question and provide elaboration on its key components, as well as examine its feasibility as a future DNP Scholarly Project.

PICOT / Evidence Table



The purpose of this assignment is twofold. First, the student will share their PICOT question and provide elaboration on its key components, as well as examine its feasibility as a future DNP Scholarly Project. Additionally, this assignment provides the student an opportunity to critically appraise selected literary evidence, using a systematic template. This will serve as the foundation for building an evidence table to further develop their future DNP Scholarly Project.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO 1: Formulate and refine clinical research questions relevant to advanced practice nursing. (PO #3)

CO4:Compare and contrast differences and similarities with selected characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research designs. (PO #3)

CO9:Differentiate between quality improvement, system change, research, and/or evidence-based practice initiatives. (PO #5)

CO10: Employ an evidence-based practice model for quality improvement. (PO #5)

Due Date:Submit to the Dropbox by Sunday of the end of Week 6 at 11:59 p.m. (MT).

Points:This assignment is worth a total of 200 points.

General directions

1. You will submit one (1) paper as part of this assignment; however, there are two components of the assignment:

a.PICOT (written/narrative)

b.Evidence Table

2. Your scholarly paper must follow APA format. Include a cover page and headings per 6th edition APA guidelines.

a. Download and use the Week 6 PICOT/Evidence Table Template provided for you, which is located in Doc Sharing.

PICOT (written/narrative):

3. ThePICOT (written/narrative)Component of the assignment should be no more than 5-7 pages (not including the title or references pages; nor the Evidence Table).

4. Include the following components in the PICOT part of your scholarly paper:

a. Title Page

b. Introduction

c. Problem Statement

d. PICOT Question

i. Population of Interest

ii. Intervention of Interest

iii. Comparison of Interest

iv. Outcome of Interest

v. Timeframe

e. Project Planning

i. Organizational Support

ii. Project Feasibility

iii. Resources Needed

f. Evidence Summary

g. Conclusion

h. References Page* (see #5 below)

5. The PICOT component of the assignment (does not include the Evidence Table) must be no more than 5-7 pages in length (not including the cover page or references page).

Evidence table:

6. *Following the References Page, the Evidence Tablepart of the assignment is to be filled out in its entirety.

a. Identify a minimum of five original research studies from the literature review begun in NR700 to build a literature review for your project proposal.

i. Note all articles must be contemporary in nature (no more than 5 years old).

b. To complete this assignment, you may again need to access to the following databases: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane Library, and the Joanna Briggs Institute.

i. You may access these databases through the Chamberlain College of Nursing Online Library. When clicked, it reveals a list of “Tools” or PDFs on how to do conduct various searches of the required databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, Cochrane, and JBI) through the portals (EBSCO and OVID) provided. This effort should have begun in NR700 with the development of the annotated bibliography.

7. All Chamberlain College of Nursing policies related to plagiarism must be observed.

8. Post questions about this assignment to the weekly Q&A Forum.

PICOT Evidence Base

Student Name

NR701: Application of Analytic Methods

Professor Name

PICOT Evidence Base


Indent the first sentence in each new paragraph by 0.5” as shown here. Formally introduce your paper to your reader(s). Provide 1-2 sentences in regard to the problem you are addressing for your potential DNP Scholarly Project. Include in-text citations to support the need for change as demonstrated here (Wallace, 2016). The last sentence should be a formal purpose statement as demonstrated in the last sentence of this paragraph. The purpose of this assignment is to explain how to format your final paper. Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Problem Statement

In this section you need to include your revised problem statement that you wrote in the Week 3 Needs Assessment Assignment. Be sure to include in-text citations from contemporary sources of evidence that are no more than five years old as necessary. Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

PICOT Question

The PICOT question that will guide the potential DNP Scholarly Project is: [Add your one-sentence PICOT question here.]

Population of Interest

Provide specific details in regard to your population of interest. Who is the population of interest? Why are they identified as the population of interest? Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Intervention(s) of Interest

Describe your intervention of interest. Given this is an evidence-based practice change project, be sure to integrate the primary findings from a minimum of three (3) contemporary research studies to support your intervention(s). Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Comparison of Interest

Describe your comparison of interest, which need to reflect current practice or what is currently being done in the practicum site. If there is no comparison, be sure to indicate that and provide rationale why one will not be used. Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Outcome(s) of Interest

Describe your outcome(s) of interest. Explain how you will measure the outcome(s). What tool will you use to measure outcomes and has it been established through research to be valid and reliable? Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.


Clearly state what the timeframe will be associated with the implementation phase of your project. Please note your timeframe can be no more than 8-10 weeks in length. Be specific and provide a lead-in sentence such as: The timeframe for the potential DNP Scholarly Project will be X-X weeks.

Project Planning

Provide 1-2 sentences to lead-in or explain what the next three sections will entail. For example, you can say the following sections will examine various aspects associated with the planning of the potential DNP Scholarly Project.

Organizational Support

Explain the type of support you have and/or will receive from the practicum site. Identify the professionals who will be involved in your project (do not list names; rather list the titles of the individuals).

Project Feasibility

Examine the feasibility of your possible DNP Scholarly Project as it relates to the timeframe of no more than 8-10 weeks. Is it feasible to complete all aspects of the implementation phase in this amount of time? What strategies will you use to overcome barriers? Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Resources Needed

In this section identify any and all resources that you will need to implement your project. These can be monetary resources, supplies/materials, support from other individuals or professionals, etc. Remain clear and concise and be sure to delete these directions from your final paper.

Evidence Summary

Here you need to provide a brief summary of the evidence you included on the Evidence Table associated with this assignment. What primary themes were noted in the evidence? Is the evidence strong enough to make a change in practice, why or why not?


Provide highlights from your paper in this section to formally wrap your paper up for your reader(s). Avoid introducing new information in this section, as you should only summarize primary points you made thus far in the assignment. Be sure to remain as clear and concise as possible.

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