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Psychology : Psychometric Report







I declare that this is my own work throughout and has not been copied or paraphrased from other sources. Where I have used papers to support my work I have given citations. I have not used quotes in place of my own words and the ideas are my own.

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Background to personality theory and psychometrics

(GUIDE at least 800 words)

Introduce the target of the profile


(Brief introduction to the history of psychometrics and how modern psychometrics contributes to the understanding of personality. Must explain the assumptions of trait theory and how this is relevant to the workplace, job selection and career counselling.)

Emotional Intelligence

(What is EQ – give a definition in the form of a citation. Explain how emotional intelligence relates to personality and why it is considered important in applied psychology)

Tests used in this Report

( Description of tests to be used – for example what is the 5 factor module), what is the WECQ and the 5 domains of EQ)

Issues Relating to the Psychometric Process

(300+ words)

(Here you should explain issues relating to psychometric testing, as presented in the session)

Selection and Standardisation of Tests

(Explain here issues of reliability and validity; for example the importance of using a standardised testing process)

Using Norm Groups

( Explain here the use of norms and why they are necessary if personality is to be interpreted)

Client Results

(200 words not including tables or headers)

Converting Scores

(Explain the process of converting Raw to Standardised scores and give formulae)

Tables of client’s scores

(A brief sentence to introduce the 2 tables (IPIP and WECQ) below. Complete tables, captions beneath with client’s name and refer to tables in text)

TABLE 1: Raw and Standardised scores for Personality

TABLE 2: Raw and Standardised scores for Emotional Intelligence

( Explain the range of T scores – what is the average range? Why is a range used for interpretation? What broad bands has the participant scored in comparison to peers? This comment must help the reader understand the process of calculating scores)

Client Profile

(1000 words)

(This is a consultant’s report on the personality and emotional intelligence of a CLIENT – a psychometric profile. The client is actually you, but must be written as if by a consultant)

Graphic Representation of (name’s) Personality Profile

(Insert here the EXCEL graph you have prepared using instructions provided)


(A paragraph for EACH of the 5 factors followed by client’s response)

Graphic Representation of (name’s) EQ Profile

(Insert here the EXCEL graph you have prepared using instructions provided)

Emotional Intelligence

(A paragraph for EACH of the 5 domains + Total EIQ)

Applied Focus

(500 -800 words at least)

(Explain the client’s aptitude in terms of job choice and the client’s strengths and targets for emotional competence in the workplace. This section must include reference to literature on the subject for credit. This can be in the form of two sections or personality and EQ merged)

Personality Features

EQ Strengths and Weaknesses


(200 -300 words)

(A personal evaluation of the process of psychometric testing, as evidenced by your experience and investigation, in the field of business psychology)


(Not considered in word count)

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