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Pre-Assessment Statement: African American Children between the Ages of 1 and 14 Living in Mecklenburg County, NC Suffering from Asthma Community


Pre-Assessment Statement: African American Children between the Ages of 1 and 14 Living in Mecklenburg County, NC Suffering from Asthma

The decision to investigate African American children between the ages of 1 and 14, who live in Mecklenburg County and suffer from asthma, is made because of several reasons. First, the statistics shows that more than 5 million American children suffer from asthma nowadays and a certain part of this number are the kids from the Mecklenburg schools (Mecklenburg County, 2013). Second, asthma is the disease mainly caused by the pollution of the environment, and air quality is considered to be one of the most serious problems inherent to the majority of Mecklenburg schools (Currie, 2012). Finally, the question of hospitalization of children with asthma under the age of 15 in Mecklenburg clinics is still open: the quality of services is not always offered in time, and some families are not able to be diagnosed properly. However, EPA reports (n.d.) show that families of racial minorities are usually exposed to serious pollution, and children do not have appropriate treatment. Therefore, African American children are chosen for the research to identify the main challenges people with asthma may face and offer the solutions that can be offered to improve the situation and promote families in need with the required portion of support. There is no comparison group in the research as the main goal is to focus on a particular group of people and certain problems of population.

Conducting the Assessment

To organize properly the assessment process, it is necessary to set clear goals and identify the questions to be asked. Our primary goal is to find a group of people, who face asthma problems, and build good relations with them in order to pose questions and evaluate the answers got. It is possible to meet some families with children who suffer asthma or join some church groups to see how people handle their health problems. Establishment of current public health assessment is an important step that will help to evaluate the conditions under which children get asthma and treat the disease. We will elaborate the results of the research and share them with the community under consideration. This step will help to make possible improvements and check the effectiveness of the chosen activities. Some voluntaries may be invited to spread the ideas in the society.

The following questions may be posed to the members of the community:

What sources are usually used to solve or even prevent the problem of asthma spreading among the children under 15?
Do children with asthma get appropriate treatment in time? What are the main challenges during the hospitalization?
Does a racial factor play an important role in the treatment process?
Have some attempts to prevent air pollution been already made?
Data Collection

Research under consideration will be based on primary and secondary data. With the help of statistics and theory, the burning issue of air pollution that causes asthma among children under 15 will be discussed. It is not enough to gather personal opinions; the research should also be based on theoretical knowledge that can explain the urgency of the chosen problem.

The primary data will include observations, interviews, and surveys taken from African American families living here in Mecklenburg County with children ranging from ages 1-14 years old that are or have ever suffered from asthma. Our secondary data will include data from the CDC, the North Carolina Health Department, and research that has been conducted by our own Dr. Harver and the Mecklenburg County Asthma Coalition. Hopefully, with all of these dynamic sources of information, our group will be able to accurately assess and uncover our target community’s most important needs involving asthma among their youth, and be used to explain why African American children with asthma have to be provided with help within a short period of time. With the use of these resources we will uncover the environmental and health care spheres of Mecklenburg County and offer appropriate solutions, which may improve the quality of life for an entire community.




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