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Memory And Memory Improvement Questions

Answer the following questions:

1.) What do Rhodes et al mean by the ‘perils of institution’? Describe the methods and results of Kornell and Bjork (2008)’s study? How do the results of Kornell and Bjork (2008) illustrate the “perils of institution’?

2.) What are implicit memory tests? What is the difference between implicit memory measures and recall measures? Describe an actual experiment (methods, results, explanation) that demonstrates the implicit memory testing.

3.) What is the phonological loop? How do concurrent tasks show differences in working memory systems? Describe the experiment of Otsuka and Osaka (2015) (methods, results, interpretations) and how it shows that reality of the phonological loop.

4.) What is mean by the term “spreading activation.” Describe an actual experiment using semantic priming (methods, results, interpretation). How does semantic priming illustrate the concept of spreading activation?

5.) What are the 4 types of cues that Rhodes et al consider best for studying? What is encoding specificity? Describe an actual experiment that illustrates encoding specificity. (methods, results, interpretation.)

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