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“Mediation” is best described by which of the following sentences?


1. “Mediation” is best described by which of the following sentences?

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A. A program that teaches about the process of divorce and possible negative outcomes of getting a divorce
B. An open exploration of the couple’s relationship and the individual processes of each family member
C. A formal process of negotiating differences in relationship to finances, child support, and custody issues
D. The process of learning how to center oneself and obtain inner peace

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1. The ________ Phase in the Grief Timeline is characterized by numbness, crying, and emotional distance.

A. Anger
B. Ego
C. Shock
D. Denial

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1. Which of the following behaviors characterize Borderline Personality Disorder?

A. High levels of emotional distress
B. Suicidality and self-harm
C. Fears of abandonment
D. All of the above are characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder

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1. There are three different types of intervention s for divorcing couples. Which of the following is NOT one of those three different types of intervention?

A. Prevention programs
B. Medically assisted programs
C. Mediation
D. Divorce Therapy

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1. In working with a family dealing with grief, the counselor can expect the process of counseling to progress through three distinct stages/phases in the “Grief Timeline.”  Those three stages are labeled as such:

A. Shock, Disorganization, Reorganization
B. Id, Ego, Super-Ego
C. Shock, Disbelief, Organization
D. Denial, Anger, Bargaining

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1. Which of the following are true, according to research cited in the Gurman text?

A. Almost everyone who experiences divorce exhibits some sort of short term negative consequence
B. Children and adults exhibit more role strain and a greater number of behavioral problems
C. After an initial period of 1-2 years, most family members of divorcing families do well, and cannot be distinguished from families who have not gone through a divorce
D. All of the above are true statements

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1. As indicated in the Gurman text, which of the following should be shared with the couple during Stage 1 of recovery from an affair?

A. A summary of the problems the couple is currently facing
B. A summary of financial obligations arising from the cost of counseling
C. Legal advice on how to proceed with a divorce or separation
D. Advice on how to best handle visitation rights, should any children be involved

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1. Gurman suggests that a “self-care plan” be integrated into the first phase of working with a couple after an affair.  This self-care plan should include:

A. Physical care, social support, and spiritual support.
B. Directives on how to best repair the damage that has been done to the relationship 
C. Activities geared towards learning community values related to extramarital affairs
D. Social support ONLY

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1. The concept of “forgiveness” is usually introduced during the final stages of counseling following an affair because:

A. It may be difficult for someone who is in a great deal of pain to be willing to consider the need to forgive their partner for having an affair
B. Insurance companies do not reimburse for “forgiveness work” in the early stages of recovery from an affair
C. The aggrieved member of the family must obtain spiritual guidance before offering to forgive someone
D. Forgiveness activities can only be conducted under the supervision of the family/couples faith leader

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1. During the __________________ Phase, the client experiences the strongest feelings of grief, and the structure and function of the family are severely impacted.

A. Ego
B. Diastolic
C. Metabolistic
D. Disorganization

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1. According to Lara and Kinsvatter (2010) (Week 8 Resources), the loss of a job may result in:

A. Depression
B. Anxiety
C. Disturance of Identity
D. All of the above

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1. The concept of “forgiveness” during the recovery from an affair should take place:

A. At the beginning of the therapeutic process
B. During the final stages of the therapeutic process
C. Only after the counselor has been given clearance to do so by supervising psychiatrist
D. During the “middle stages” of the therapeutic process

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1. Rates of Borderline Personality are relatively low.  It is mentioned in the text that ____ of the population meets full diagnostic criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder.

A. 8%
B. 1%
C. 44%
D. 91%

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1. The ____________________ Phase is characterized by the client’s ability to face the world in the face of their loss, and grief reactions are less intense.  The client is restored to a level of functioning prior to their loss.

A. Disorganization
B. Negotiation
C. Reorganization
D. Inundation

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1. Which of the following is most frequently cited as the reason for why marriages end?

A. Infidelity
B. Financial problems
C. Power differentials
D. Gender role ambiguity 

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1. Which of the following are predictive of a couple’s ability to recover from an affair?

A. The ability to discuss the affair and it’s antecedents openly
B. A high level of commitment to the couple
C. The ability of one partner to openly blame another partner for the affair
D. A and B Only

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1. Which if the following have been shown to be evidence-based or promising interventions for Borderline Personality Disorder, according to the Gurman text?

A. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
B. Pscyho-analytic Behavior Therapy
C. Conjoint Dialectical Hypnosis
D. Transpersonal Meditation

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1. McBride and Simms (2001) (Week 8 Resources) describe the four tasks of mourning.  Those four tasks are described as:

A. Accepting reality, Experiencing the Pain, Adapting to the Environment, and Reinvestment
B. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Acceptance
C. Self-Actualization, Differentiation of Self, Inner Awareness, and Field Formation
D. Trust vs Mistrust, Industry vs Inferiority, Acceptance of Self, and Ego Management

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1. Which of the following best describes the interplay of violence and divorce procedures?

A. Rates of violence during divorce proceedings are extremely low, thus relieving the counselor of any concern for the possibility of violence
B. During divorce procedures, even people with no history of violence may engage in violent confrontations
C. Even if a risk of violence is possible, it is mandatory that all parties be seen together in an effort to promote the sense of fairness and impartiality
D. Due to the sensitive nature of divorce proceedings, counselors are not obligated to report concerns about safety, abuse, or neglect

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1. During the process of counseling a couple/family recovering from an affair, it is suggested that:

A. In the beginning, only individual sessions take place
B. In the beginning, only conjoint sessions take place
C. In the first stages of counseling, both individual and conjoint sessions take place
D. The counselor needs to align with one of the partners in an effort to promote instability in the family system

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1. Which if the following is NOT a one of the stages of the treatment for a couple/family recovering from an affair?

A. Dealing with the Impact
B. Placing Blame
C. Finding Meaning
D. Moving On

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1. In assessing a couple seeking treatment following an affair, it is important to assess which of the following?

A. Length of relationship
B. Previous marriages and how they ended
C. Crises requiring immediate attention
D. All of the above should be assessed

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1. Which of the following techniques might be integrated during the recovery process following an affair?

A. Problem solving techniques
B. Emotional expression skills
C. “Time out” and “venting” techniques
D. All of the above might by integrated during the recovery process

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1. McBride and Simms (2001) (Week 8 Resources) suggest that in the beginning of the grief process:

A. Sessions should be more frequent
B. Sessions should be scheduled only twice per month, so as to decrease the chance for the client to develop dependence on the counselor
C. Phone contact might be necessary, due to the client being overwhelmed and isolated
D. A and C are correct

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