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Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science

You will complete a series of statistical analyses (Chi-Square, t-Test and ANOVA) on a set of…… 

Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science : Health Science-Nursing Assignment


1.You will complete a series of statistical analyses (Chi-Square, t-Test and ANOVA) on a set of variables. Some data sets will be provided (see below) but you are also encouraged to search out your own data via online databases (such as Australian Bureau of Statistics, Centre for Disease Control and Gapminder) or develop a real world data set. You are encouraged to use a data set that reflect your own professional interests.

2.Different aspect of the data set will be required for each statistical analysis.You must create a research question/scenario that can be answered using your data set as well as the required statistical analyses (Chi-Square, t-Test and ANOVA). Again, you are encouraged to develop scenarios that reflect your own professional interests.

3.The data set must contain a minimum of 30 cases (individuals) per variable and must be organised appropriately in an Excel spreadsheet. The data for the Chi Square can be derived from the same data set by organising the cases and/or variables into categories. Each data set and accompanying statistical analysis should be completed on a clearly labelled Excel sheet within one Excel file. The test results should then be reported in APA style in an accompanying Word document under the required headings (Chi-Square, t-Test and ANOVA).

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