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Marriage and Family Therapy Instructions

Marriage and Family Therapy Instructions

After reading the specified pages in Matta’s book, create a brochure that could be placed in a school setting and used by parents and educators to reflect on gender roles and socialization. In your brochure, provide content on how the various types of masculinities (black working class, white working class and Amish) compare with men in the context of your own life experience? Make sure to address the following:

· Contrast their (black working class, white working class and Amish) gender socialization from that of what you have experienced, witnessed or heard described in the predominant culture.

1. Please only read pages 40, 43,64 for Amish

2. 109, 128, and 154 for black working class

3. 212, 225, and 239 for white working class

· Provide suggestions on how to relate to the different masculine and feminine definitions parents and educators might encounter.

· Provide a suggestion on how to approach a particular case with a gender definition that might present a challenge.

Length: 4-5 pages

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