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Li: psychology 800 Words Within 30 Hours The First Draft

wiz 30 hours i need the first draft about 800 words, when i get feedback, i will show you and u can keep your writing do next step, 

Mainly the comparison of the two books can use their own examples and the format must be term paper! The term paper format can be searched by Google! Must reflect the key to the two books! Remember to reflect the key to the two books! ! Compare more than two books and use the quotes of these two books!

It is a course called business psychology, and now you need to write a 8-page term paper. The specific content is very simple, the professor needs us to find a book (I have found, is the “21st Century Business Model” attached below) and our text book (below in the annex “behavior in organizations”), find a textbook The relevance of the psychological theory in the book to the content of the book he is looking for, and explain why he believes that there is a connection and how the book he has found practices the theory.

Bus 201 Course Description: Offers an analysis of the purpose and functioning of organizations as the basic networks for achieving goals through coordination of effort, communication, and responsibility. Studies the role and function of engineering organizations based on modern behavioral science concepts as well as the application of psychology to industry relative to human relations, group dynamics, tests and measurements, personnel practices, training, and motivation. Examines the evolution of the learning organization and its role in the management of R&D and technology, the influence of the rapid changes in technology, and the globalization of the marketplace through group-oriented case studies. Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate School of Engineering.

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