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It is important to have everyone on the same page with the same focus. Some organizations will post their mission and vision statements in the lunchroom for everyone to review. These vision and mission statements should have the organizational values embedded in them

A minimum of 100 words each and References Response (#1 – 7) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER EACH ANSWER NEED TO HAVE A SCHOLARY SOURCE with a Hyperlink

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic

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1. In regards to the “Building From Within: Designing a Values-Based Culture Template” as well as “The Role of Values in Servant Leadership” the models depict many values that are meant to be of value for someone in the position of the servant leader. The main values that should be focused on are personal values, such as the thoughts and feelings of those involved in the situations, as well as organizational values. Organizational values focus on the efficiency of the unit as a whole and is a more logical approach. These two values are imperative to the functioning of the system as a whole because the decision making by the servant leader produces a stronger employee with the personal approach as well as effectiveness with the organizational approach. These values are important as “the beliefs of the people who work in a company are an essential part of its cultural foundation”, according to the cultural template (Hester and Young, 2013).

2. After reviewing both articles, one value that seems to remain constant as this class has progressed is trust. I think this is because trust is somewhat encompassing of all other values. For example, Hester & Young (2013) indicates that when a person personal morals and ethics are introduced into their leadership, the water can become a bit murky. However, this is never an issue with trust. As long as there is trust between the follower and leaders, leaders and leaders, followers and followers, and employees and customers, the likelihood of a break down anywhere else in the chain of values is very low. That being said, I think that this is where a mission, vision, and values statement can come to pass. This will give every employee, leaders and followers alike, an idea of what the organization is looking for. Russell (2001) furthers the idea of trust by naming it specifically as a way to develop credibility and unity within an organization. Overall, I do believe that one’s personal values have a place, but the values of the organization must be made clear and also be enacted. Additionally, I also think that when the mission, vision, and values are written, there should be a collaborative group from all rankings to show unity and different points of view from the bottom to the top. This will give everyone a sense of autonomy over the values increasing their desire to enact them and develop trust in their leadership.

3. Your first statement led me down an interesting path when thinking about it. You spoke of the importance of the culture within the organization. This is a very true statement. I have worked in places where there was a culture that promoted poor moral. This was accomplished in several ways. First and foremost, there was a tremendous amount of hazing that went on and new people were not allowed to express their opinions. Next, there was a sense of entitlement that came with having more time with the organization and people thought they did not have to do as much work. Perhaps the biggest problem was that the leadership was not willing to fight (serve) for the people that they were responsible for. When in think about how to fix these issues, values is the first thing that comes to mind. If there had been a set of values implemented in those organizations, the moral would have been much higher and the culture would have drastically changed for the better. Have you experienced poor culture due to a lack of values?

4. A leaders value can play a tremendous role in the culture of an organization. However, it is important to differentiate between a leader listing out their values and actually acting upon those values. I have worked under leaders that each year like to write out their core values and list things like “communication” and “professional development” only to have little to no change in those areas. More important than writing values down is the actions a leader takes to instill those values. If a leader believes in developing thier staff and makingt them better employees then invest in that and give them opportunities. If a leader wants to be transparent then don’t just say you want to do it, actually do it. Most people will follow a good leader and adjust to the culture that they set, but only if they believe they genuinly believe in what they are preaching.

5. “Increasingly, companies around the world have adopted formal statements of corporate values, and senior executives now routinely identify ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and social concerns as top issues on their companies’ agendas” (Lee, Fabish, & McGaw, 2005). Some actions you might see in boards, senior leadership teams, and employees is conducting themselves in a moral manner, instilling fair and ethical decision-making procedures, increase moral awareness, and facilitate organizational initiatives aimed at increasing or restoring fairness within the company (De Cremer, 2011). Having passionate leaders with values, employees will essentially be more concerned about moral values and thus be more motivated to watch out for, and ultimately report, ethical misconduct (De Cremer, 2011).

6. Companies have increased the effectiveness of fairness in policies that create awareness in ethics with their employees (De Cremer, 2011). An important action is to teach your employees to embrace moral values rather than be told to do so and that will change the behaviors of the servant leader and their employees. This brings influence on their organization for a sense of morality, concerns, and fairness (De Cremer, 2011). In boards, I can think of is what is posted in breakrooms in a company with policies you can look back on and the employee handbook to refer back to as well. It posts many contact information regarding health, and other human resource information to address any concerns or other feedback a company needs. As for senior leadership teams and employees, it is always good to be supervised by leaders who are passionate and implement decision-making procedures to give fairness and a voice for the employees and to encourage their leaders to take notable action. Having these values can create sustainability, environmental rights, human rights, and social responsibility in the workplace.

7. It is important to have everyone on the same page with the same focus. Some organizations will post their mission and vision statements in the lunchroom for everyone to review. These vision and mission statements should have the organizational values embedded in them. For example, the GCU mission statement includes Effective Communication within its mission statement. How important is it for organizations to include their values in their mission statements?

The post It is important to have everyone on the same page with the same focus. Some organizations will post their mission and vision statements in the lunchroom for everyone to review. These vision and mission statements should have the organizational values embedded in them appeared first on Smart Essays.

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