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Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) Self-Evaluation And Application To The Global Mindset

Assignment 1: Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) self-evaluation and application to the global mindset (Individual, 20%)Total word count 1400-1500 words


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Word count: 700 – 750 words, part 1


1. Read Mendenhall 1 – Specification of the content domain) (attached)

2. Read personal survey report thoroughly (IES Survey filled by me). Reflect on accurateness/fit of the results. (attached)

3. Discuss strengths and how you might build upon your intercultural competence. In addition, highlight one area and make suggestions for development.

4. Do not simply state that competencies are high or low; rather discuss the implications for developing intercultural competence.

5. Articulate the meaning of the competencies.

6 .Diagnose personal strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for development

Grading Criteria

· Your assignment should conform to the following criteria:

Articulates meaning of competencies Restates definitions. Does not differentiate between dimensions. Provides satisfactory understanding of three main dimensions and sub-dimensions Interprets competencies and provides examples. Illustrates understanding of the competency model.
Analyzes the overall results Restates results high/low and does not interpret outcomes to intercultural competency Provides satisfactory broad overview and analysis. Identifies specific implications of results to intercultural competency development. Discusses interactions among competencies
Recommends suggestions for development Restates competencies and does not articulate how to achieve development Provides satisfactory suggestions that broadly contribute to development plan Identifies specific activities that will contribute to experiential learning and development

Word count: 675 – 750 words part 2


The purpose of this part is to apply an intercultural lens to the mind-set of a corporate leader .

Upon completion of this assignment the student will be able to:

Identify other competencies that influence executive perceptions and actions.

Better understand the scale of the intercultural challenge in international business

Instructions based on ARTICLE 2   Building cross-cultural leadership competence: An interview with Carlos Ghosn ) ( Attached )

· List the competencies mentioned by Carlos Ghoshn

· Identify where competencies overlap with those identified in Mendenhall et al. and others which are important to Ghoshn

· Discuss the importance of intercultural competencies and how they are developed for global businesses.

Identifies and understands competencies Restates terms. Does not show appreciation of their impact Provides satisfactory understanding of competencies and their impact Interprets competencies and provides examples. Illustrates understanding of the executive perspective.
Compares and discusses competency sets Restates both sets of terms but does not discuss them adequately Provides satisfactory broad overview and discussion. Understands and discusses the individual view of competencies and the organizational perspective.
Recommends suggestions for development Restates competencies and does not articulate how to achieve development in business Provides satisfactory suggestions that broadly relate competency to organizational performance Critically discusses activities and actions that may contribute to cross-cultural learning and development in the business organization

Please Ensure:


· APA Formatting with proper referencing and citation

· Proper paraphrasing

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