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Identify three behaviors that foster a more inclusive workplace

You are designing a diversity awareness training session. You
have created four learning objectives. Upon completion of the
training session, managers should be able to:
Define diversity and terms related to diversity
State the company’s policy regarding diversity
Describe three benefits of having a diverse work force
Identify three behaviors that foster a more inclusive

If you had to choose two traditional methods to use in the
diversity awareness training session, which two would you pick and
why? Be sure to tell us which objective(s) each training method
Types of Traditional Training
Presentation Methods
Lecture: The lecture is the
most predominant presentation method. This method involves a
trainer presenting information to an audience of trainees. It is an
inexpensive way to share information with large groups efficiently.
The trainees sit and listen while the instructor speaks. This type
of instructor-led presentation sometimes includes an audio-visual
Lecture with Discussion: This
adaptation of the lecture mode adds a discussion to the lecture. In
this mode, the trainer asks a question or seeks input from the
trainee about a topic related to the training content. It is a
two-way communication mode because the trainee is actively engaged
in the content.
Lecture with Demonstration and Discussion: This
adaptation of the lecture mode integrates a demonstration into the
lecture and discussion. In this mode the trainer (lecturer) shows
the trainee how to do something or how something works. The
demonstration can be how to do something as in behavior modeling or
how something works like using a piece of equipment. The trainee
performs the task? after watching the demonstration and is given
feedback by the instructor. This approach provides for individual
and group discussion along with feedback from the
Hands-on Methods
(OJT):  This method occurs mostly at the
job site and focuses on the trainee learning the job. The trainee
observes a subject matter expert performing the job and then tries
to emulate the expert’s behavior. The trainee is usually given
feedback on his or her performance. The OJT method can be used in
many situations including newly hired employees, transferred or
promoted employees, or cross training employees. There are several
types of OJT. They include coaching, mentoring, job rotation, and
Coaching is usually a one-on-one method where
an individual coach works with a trainee to improve a skill,
competency, or behavior.   Coaches are used in
organizations for a variety of situations from helping senior
leaders with their management skills to helping individual
contributors with presentation skills. Coaches usually go through a
certification process that accredits their learning and gives them
a professional credential.  Mentoring is
a form of internal organizational coaching where a more senior
employee provides guidance on how the organization operates and
career skills to a junior employee.
Job Rotation is a systematic OJT technique
where organizations rotate employees through several jobs within
the organization as a way to help them learn the knowledge and
skills required to perform different jobs in the organization. It
enhances the career of the employee and provides the organization
with a cadre of multi-skilled employees.
Apprenticeships trace their origins back to the
Middle Ages when skilled trades people passed their knowledge on to
others over a period of time. Most apprenticeships today occur in
skilled trades like cooking, electrical work, or auto repair.
Apprentice programs usually require a set number of classroom hours
along with OJT experience.
Simulation: The simulation is
a training method where trainees are presented with a real-world
situation that mimics their work environment. The simulation method
could focus on equipment like flight simulators or interpersonal
skills like role playing, behavior modeling, case studies, or
in-basket exercises. At the conclusion of the simulation the
trainees are given feedback on their performance.
Business Games are simulations that attempt to
replicate an organization or an industry. For example, many
universities use a simulation called ‘The BSG’ or
Business Strategy Game ( In The
BSG, teams of students manage an international shoe company
and make decisions that impact the bottom line. Other types of
games, such as Jeopardy or Family Feud, can be
used to review information presented in the
In the Role Play simulation,
an individual or group is given a scenario related to their work
and the course content. They act-out the situation and are given
feedback by the group or the trainer. This type of simulation
allows trainees to practice a skill in a safe environment where
they can make mistakes and not suffer consequences.
Behavior Modeling is often associated with
simulation and role playing because after the trainee observes a
video or demonstration of the model behavior they practice it in a
role play.
Case Study:  The
case study method is usually a written or video portrayal that
describes how an organization dealt with a problem, issue, or
difficult situation. Trainees are required to analyze the actions
taken and suggest other ways to solve the
Group Methods
Team Building Training is a
type of group training that focus on individuals who work together
as a team.   The focus of this type of training is to
help the team members become more effective and efficient in their
operations. The training includes topics like setting team norms,
dealing with conflict in the team, running effective meetings, and
problem solving.
Adventure Learning (AL) is a
type of group training where trainees engage in activities, games,
and/or competitions usually of a physical nature outside the
workplace. The purpose of this experiential learning is to help the
trainees develop skills in leadership, problem solving,
decision-making, team work, and interpersonal
communication.   Activities like wall climbing,
navigating rope courses, drum circles, and cooking competitions are
often part of an AL training program.
Action Learning is a type of group training
method where a team or work group is given an actual work problem
to solve. The group gathers data, identifies problems, proposes
solutions, and presents them to leadership for implementation.

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