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Identify the process by which you are going to manage this budget – for example, stakeholders

Redesign Microscope which is in the lab used it to see small things so i have upload all info that u need and useful for u , First u have teacher instruction , second u have my friend work how he done his assignment so far , the assignment talk about consultant report like business so u have my topic about redesign microscope and u want to consultant to Trent university for biology department in laboratory that my microscope has new feature and easy to use which that must include deitals budgets like how much cost and how much saved make tables as my friend did and talk about it and time consume ? how long it takes by using old microscope and how long for new microscope the one i resign? so differences it so include time . budget and cost , so the new redgain microscope is cheaper than the old one is expensive ok so mention that in writing and writing style should written as my friend did but ! in diffferent way not copy just understant how he convince the company to loan them money to imporve that and how the result will be so follow my friend and do my consultant report how if u gonna make this new microscope shows good and how u gonna convince them about new microscope and how u gonna convince biology department lab to have our new redesign of microscope and how to convince them to take money from them to do what ? so asking how and why and what a lot in paper she like that the prof ok , add map informaiton and explain it very well as my friend did u need to mention the 7 of mary’s seven steps as the instruction ask about it which is below need to be in the paper
Mary’s Seven Step:
1. Identify objectives/purpose.
2. To achieve utmost clarity, identify what is in scope and what is definitely out of scope.
3. To provide the temporal range, identify the start date and end date.
4. Requirements – the list to which the budget must align (policies, restrictions, limitations).
5. Assumptions (for example, a guaranteed number of hours per week of a part-time job).
6. Any other components you want to include.
7. Identify the process by which you are going to manage this budget – for example, stakeholders

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