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Human Sexuality

PSY 503

Human Sexuality

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Authors: Publisher:

Human Sexuality Today

6th edition, 2009

ISBN: 0-13-604245-7

Bruce M. King

Pearson Education

Final Examination

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PSY 503 – Human Sexuality

PSY 503 – Human Sexuality

Final Examination

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1) In the United States, sexual attitudes and behaviors are influenced by:

a. level of education.

b. socioeconomic status. c. ethnicity.

d. All of the above.

2) Which of the following was NOT true of the biblical Jews?

a. The primary object of sex was to have children.

b. Sexual relations between a husband and wife were regarded as something very positive.

c. Women were considered to be property.

d. The genitals were considered to be obscene.

3) Which of these individuals thought that a celibate lifestyle was superior to marriage?

a. Plato b. Jesus

c. Saint Paul

d. Henry Havelock Ellis

4) Which of the following did NOT have a negative attitude about the human body?

a. Victorians

b. Biblical Hebrews c. Early Christians

d. All of the above.

5) A recently discovered questionnaire conducted by Dr. Clelia Mosher in 1892 reveals that most married Victorian women:

a. were sexually repressed and prudish. b. desired and enjoyed sex.

c. engaged in sex only for procreation.

d. did not enjoy sex, but engaged in it to perform their “wifely duties”.

Final Examination

6) Which branch of the media has research found to be the most powerful socializing agent for teenagers’ sexual attitudes and behavior?

a. Movies

b. Music (including radio)

c. Magazines d. Television

7) Advertisers use attractive models in sexy or romantic poses to sell their products. This is called:

a. a socializing agent. b. socialization.

c. idealization.

d. identification.

8) Which of these is a problem for surveys used in sex research?

a. Lying

b. Exaggeration c. Faulty recall

d. All of the above.

9) The scientific method used to demonstrate cause-and-effect relationships is called:

a. Experimental research b. Correlation

c. Direct observation d. All of the above.

10) The modern view of children as vulnerable and needing protection arose:

a. during the 1700s.

b. in early Christianity. c. in medieval times.

d. with the end of the Victorian era.

Final Examination

11) The clitoral hood is formed by the joining of the:

a. mons veneris and labia majora. b. labia minora.

c. labia majora and labia minora. d. labia majora.

12) In women, the organ most similar to the penis in structure is the:

a. cervix. b. vagina. c. labia.

d. clitoris.

13) The best time for women to examine themselves for breast cancer is:

a. all times during the menstrual cycle are equally good. b. after menstruation.

c. during ovulation.

d. during menstruation.

14) Vaginal lubrication:

a. results from the walls of the vagina becoming filled with blood. b. is super-filtered blood plasma.

c. often decreases after menopause. d. All of the above.

15) Each egg is contained within a thin capsule to form a(n):

a. ovary.

b. fimbria. c. follicle. d. ovum.

Final Examination

16) The ovaries:

a. have a direct connection with the Fallopian tubes.

b. develop from the same embryonic tissue as the testicles.

c. continue to produce new eggs from birth through menopause. d. All of the above.

17) The smooth rounded end of the penis is called the:

a. corona.

b. penile gland.

c. corpora cavernosa. d. glans.

18) Cancer of the is the most common non-skin type of cancer in men. a. testicles

b. vas deferens c. prostate

d. epididymis

19) Which of these statements regarding the prostate gland is TRUE?

a. Early symptoms of prostate problems may include difficulty in urination or frequent need to urinate, especially at night.

b. About one man in every 1,000 develops cancer of the prostate.

c. Enlargement of the prostate is most common in men over age 40.

d. The American Cancer Society recommends that all men have a yearly prostate exam starting at age 50, or 45 if you are African American.

20) A woman’s menstrual cycle begins with the release of:

a. luteinizing hormone.

b. follicle-stimulating hormone. c. estrogen.

d. progesterone.

Final Examination

21) If implantation fails to occur, the corpus luteum:

a. will secrete progesterone continually for 3 months. b. will degenerate.

c. will secrete estrogen continually for 3 months. d. All of the above.

22) Menstruation consists of:

a. cervical mucus. b. blood.

c. sloughed off endometrial tissue. d. All of the above.

23) Women’s menstrual cycles vary mostly because of the differences in the length of their:

a. preovulatory phases. b. postovulatory phases. c. ovulation phases.

d. menstrual phases.

24) Some studies have found that women who live together eventually have synchronized menstrual cycles. Evidence suggests that this is due to:

a. pheromones. b. hormones.

c. estrogen.

d. gonadotropins.

25) In mammals that have an estrous cycle, the female is sexually receptive only during:

a. menstruation.

b. the postovulatory phase. c. the preovulatory phase. d. ovulation.

Final Examination

26) Studies indicate that women:

a. can be interested in sex any time during the menstrual cycle.

b. show a large peak in sexual interest in the week before ovulation. c. show a large peak in sexual interest at the time of ovulation.

d. show a large peak in sexual interest in the week after ovulation.

27) Many couples avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation because:

a. women are biologically programmed not to be interested in sex at this time. b. of socially learned negative attitudes.

c. the chance of infection is greatest at this time.

d. the chance of pregnancy is greatest at this time.

28) The most important hormone for sexual desire in women appears to be:

a. testosterone. b. progesterone. c. depo-provera. d. estrogen.

29) Which of these is NOT one of the four stages in Masters and Johnson’s model of sexual response, but is a stage that many sex therapists suggest be included as part of the model?

a. Resolution b. Desire

c. Excitement d. Plateau

30) According to Rosemary Basson’s model, many women do not separate:

a. arousal from plateau. b. desire from arousal.

c. desire from plateau.

d. plateau from the refractory period.

Final Examination

31) Which of these responses is normal for women in the plateau phase?

a. The breasts swell, obscuring nipple erection.

b. Secretion from the vaginal walls can slow down if the plateau stage is prolonged. c. The clitoris disappears beneath the clitoral hood.

d. All of the above.

32) Which of the following statements regarding orgasm is FALSE?

a. There is no strong relationship between the perception of orgasm and the strength of the muscular contractions associated with orgasm.

b. Men’s and women’s descriptions of orgasm are very different.

c. Contractions can begin before a person’s perception of orgasm begins and end before the person reports an orgasm to be over.

d. Orgasm occurs in two stages in men and in a single stage in women.

33) Multiple orgasms refer to having:

a. two or more orgasms while having sex.

b. an orgasm at the same time as one’s partner is having an orgasm. c. two or more orgasms without dropping below the plateau level. d. an orgasm during the orgasmic platform.

34) Women’s subjective descriptions of orgasms suggest that they:

a. only have vaginal orgasms.

b. may experience two or more different types of orgasms.

c. always have orgasms centered in both the clitoris and vagina. d. only have clitoral orgasms.

35) Which of the following statements about the Grafenberg (G) spot is TRUE?

a. About 10% of women have one. b. About 40% of women have one. c. All women have one.

d. There is no such thing as a G-spot.

Final Examination

36) Some women emit a fluid during orgasm. The fluid comes from the:

a. seminal vesicles. b. vagina.

c. Fallopian tubes. d. urethra.

37) Among men, differences in penis size are most apparent:

a. in the flaccid, unaroused state. b. during excitement.

c. when fully erect. d. during plateau.

38) A person with fever blisters on their mouth can transfer herpes virus to:

a. another person’s mouth. b. their own eyes.

c. another person’s genitals. d. All of the above.

39) The most common symptom of herpes on dry skin areas is:

a. painless open sores. b. painful blisters.

c. an itchy rash.

d. painful chancres.

40) AIDS is caused by:

a. the human immunodeficiency virus. b. the AIDS bacteria.

c. the human T-cell virus.

d. the human immunodeficiency bacteria.

41) HIV is transmitted almost exclusively by intimate sexual contact and:

a. contaminated blood. b. insect bites.

c. living with an infected person. d. All of the above.

Final Examination

42) Bob and Sharon have a mutually faithful, monogamous relationship and have never had sex with anyone else. With regards to HIV/AIDS, they should:

a. be concerned about engaging in oral-genital sex.

b. be concerned about engaging in vaginal intercourse. c. be concerned about engaging in anal intercourse.

d. Not be concerned about any of the above.

43) Which of these statements regarding transmission of HIV is TRUE?

a. High rates of HIV infection have never been found among heterosexual groups.

b. Heterosexual transmission is a leading cause of AIDS in women in the United States. c. Heterosexuals who do not engage in anal intercourse are safe from getting AIDS.

d. None of the above.

44) Which of these can cause a yeast infection in women?

a. Heavy use of antibiotics.

b. Overly frequent douching or use of feminine hygiene products. c. Hormone changes.

d. All of the above.

45) Which of these statements regarding teenage pregnancy is TRUE?

a. Because of contraceptive devices and education, the teenage pregnancy rate in the United

States is 50% less than it was 20 years ago.

b. The United States leads Western nations in yearly teenage pregnancy rates by a large margin.

c. The pregnancy rate for unwed teens in the United States has not changed since 1960.

d. Because of contraceptive devices and education, the U.S. teenage pregnancy rate is lower than in most other Western nations.

46) Which of the following countries has the highest teenage pregnancy rate?

a. Sweden b. England c. Canada

d. United States

Final Examination

47) Children of teenage mothers are more likely than other children to:

a. have long-term psychological problems. b. be victims of child abuse.

c. have long-term health problems. d. All of the above.

48) The lactational amenorrhea method (breast-feeding) is effective as contraception if:

a. the woman has amenorrhea.

b. it has been more than 6 months since the women has given birth. c. the baby is fed “on demand”.

d. it has been less than 6 months since the women has given birth.

49) Spermicides work as contraception by:

a. preventing implantation. b. killing sperm.

c. preventing ovulation. d. All of the above.

50) The female condom is actually:

a. a type of diaphragm.

b. a male condom inserted into the vagina. c. an intravaginal pouch.

d. a type of IUD.

51) While sperm are in the female reproductive tract, they undergo a process called

that enables them to penetrate the egg’s surface.

a. capacitation b. cohabitation

c. transformation d. fertilization

52) At 8 weeks after conception and until birth, the developing organism is known as a(n):

a. baby.

b. embryo. c. zygote. d. fetus.

Final Examination

53) Although the placenta protects the embryo and fetus from many harmful substances, an unborn baby may nevertheless be harmed if the mother:

a. drinks alcohol, but not if she smokes cigarettes.

b. takes drugs, but not if she smokes or drinks alcohol. c. smokes cigarettes, but not if she drinks alcohol.

d. smokes cigarettes, drinks alcohol, and/or take drugs.

54) Drugs that may cross the placental barrier and harm an unborn baby include:

a. “over the counter” drugs (aspirin, antihistamines). b. prescription drugs.

c. illegal drugs (heroin, cocaine). d. All of the above.

55) False labor contractions are usually contractions indicating true labor. a. shorter and longer

b. shorter than c. longer than d. the same as

56) After birth, small pieces of the placenta that remain in the uterus:

a. help to prevent infection.

b. help to rebuild the endometrium.

c. normally discharge within a few hours. d. must be removed to prevent infection.

57) The term gender role refers to:

a. one’s sense of self as being a man or a woman.

b. one’s primary choice of sexual partners (men or women).

c. a set of culturally specific norms concerning the expected behaviors and attitudes of men and women.

d. All of the above.

Final Examination

58) A man would be considered if he chose only to display “masculinity” in himself and preferred not to show signs of “femininity.”

a. androgynous.

b. undifferentiated. c. stereotyped.

d. sex-role identified.

59) Money and Ehrhardt (1972) said, “Nature’s rule is, it would appear, that to masculinize, something must be added.” The “something” is:

a. interstitial cell stimulating hormone. b. testosterone.

c. progesterone. d. estrogen.

60) In Freudian theory, successful resolution of the Oedipus complex occurs when the child

the same gender parent.

a. reinforces

b. competes with

c. fantasizes about killing d. identifies with

61) theory of gender role development is based on the idea that behavior differences are due to the different reproductive pressures me and women faced over thousands of generations.

a. Sociocultural b. Freudian

c. Evolutionary d. Schema

62) Children raised in single-parent households are more likely than others to:

a. become androgynous.

b. become strongly stereotyped to the parent that raises them. c. become strongly stereotyped to the same-sexed parent.

d. become strongly stereotyped to the opposite-sexed parent.

Final Examination

63) On Kinsey’s 7-point scale (0-6), he regarded anyone as bisexual who had a rating of:

a. 3 b. 4 c. 2

d. All of the above.

64) Which of these is a problem with the social learning theory explanation for the cause of homosexuality?

a. Homosexual orientation as an adult is no more common in cultures that encourage homosexual practices during childhood than it is in cultures that discourage it.

b. Most female homosexuals have had pleasurable sexual relations with men.

c. Even in cases of extreme childhood gender role nonconformity, one cannot absolutely predict future sexual orientation.

d. All of the above.

65) Studies have found that, on average, homosexual men:

a. had a greater number of younger sisters.

b. had a greater number of younger brothers. c. had a greater number of older brothers.

d. had a greater number of older sisters.

66) Which of these cultures was intolerant of homosexuality?

a. Biblical Hebrew b. Ancient Greek

c. Ancient Roman d. All of the above.

67) The American Medical Association presently recommends that:

a. Homosexuals be treated for their sexual orientation.

b. Unhappy homosexuals be made comfortable with their sexual orientation. c. Homosexuals be converted to heterosexuals.

d. All of the above.

Final Examination

68) A woman’s first menstrual period is called:

a. puberty. b. a period.

c. primary menstruation. d. menarche.

69) Adolescence refers to the time in life:

a. between puberty and adulthood.

b. when one becomes capable of reproduction.

c. when one has developed secondary sex characteristics. d. when one enters early adulthood.

70) For most adults aged 26 and older, their sexual lifestyle is characterized by:

a. serial monogamy. b. celibacy.

c. adultery.

d. long-lasting monogamy.

71) You should teach your child words such as penis and vagina beginning:

a. at puberty.

b. when he or she starts school.

c. at the time you teach him or her the names of the other parts of the body.

d. at a time in adolescence when he or she is mature enough to not use such words inappropriately.

72) When discussing sex with your child:

a. you should not talk about your values. b. it is okay to dictate your values.

c. it is okay to emphasize your values. d. it is okay to preach morality.

73) Kinsey found that had masturbated. a. 92% of women and 62% of men

b. 92% of women and 96% of men c. 92% of men and 62% of women d. 46% of women and 49% of men

Final Examination

74) In which way do women’s sexual fantasies differ from men’s?

a. They are more explicit. b. They are more detailed. c. They are more romantic. d. All of the above.

75) Hank and Sylvia often use a different room when they have sex and are always experimenting with new positions. This shows that their sexual relationship is NOT:

a. ritualized. b. normal.

c. fulfilling. d. orgasmic.

76) Anal intercourse is:

a. common among heterosexuals. b. uncommon in all couples.

c. uncommon among heterosexuals and lesbian couples. d. common among male homosexuals.

77) A sexually healthy person is defined as someone who:

a. feels free to choose whether or not he or she wishes to try a variety of sexual behaviors. b. feels comfortable with his or her sexuality.

c. is free from life-threatening diseases. d. All of the above.

78) Which of these has been offered as a view of what love is?

a. A learned response b. A social instinct

c. An addiction, neurosis, or disease d. All of the above.

Final Examination

79) Bert has lived with Cindy for 5 years. He receives few positive rewards for staying in the relationship, but when friends ask why he stays with her Bert replies, “Better to be with the devil you know.” Their relationship may be best classified as:

a. realistic love. b. fatuous love.

c. consummate love. d. attachment.

80) In order to truly love someone else, it is necessary to:

a. be loved.

b. have positive self-esteem.

c. have self-disclosure by both parties. d. Both B and C are correct.

81) When a relationship is characterized by the intimacy component alone, Sternberg’s model would predict that the result is:

a. liking.

b. non-love.

c. empty love.

d. All of the above.

82) Which of the following normally occurs in a relationship and leads to changes in how we interact with our partners?

a. Infatuation b. Habituation c. Pragma

d. Attachment

83) Which sequence of events BEST characterizes the treatment program used by most sex therapists today?

a. Medical and sexual history, specific exercises, mutual touching exercises, sexual intercourse

b. Sexual intercourse, mutual touching exercises, specific exercises, medical and sexual history

c. Medical and sexual history, mutual touching exercises, specific exercises, sexual intercourse

d. Medical and sexual history, sexual intercourse, mutual touching exercises, specific exercises

Final Examination

84) is the term preferred today by most therapists to refer to a man’s inability to attain or maintain an erection.

a. Erectile disorder

b. Premature ejaculation c. Impotency

d. Dyspareunia

85) Most therapists define premature ejaculation as:

a. ejaculation before sexual intercourse begins.

b. ejaculation before one’s partner reaches orgasm in half or more of their sexual encounters.

c. absence of reasonable voluntary control of ejaculation.

d. ejaculation within three minutes of beginning sexual intercourse.

86) Which of these is LEAST likely to be used by a therapist treating a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm?

a. Couples therapy

b. Rapid pelvic thrusting of the penis c. Lengthy foreplay

d. Sensate focus

87) If you criticize your partner, make sure you criticize his or her:

a. personality. b. character.

c. behavior.

d. None of the above.

88) The psychological approach calls a behavior unconventional if:

a. it varies from culture to culture.

b. only a small number of people engage in it. c. it is not customary within a society.

d. it causes problems functioning efficiently in ordinary social or occupational roles.

Final Examination

89) Henry likes to rub his penis up against other people on crowded buses. Henry is a(n):

a. fetishist.

b. exhibitionist. c. klismaphiliac. d. frotteurist.

90) refers to achieving sexual arousal primarily by having pain inflicted on oneself.

a. Scoptophilia b. Sadism

c. Masochism d. Bondage

91) According to Freudian theory, paraphilias are the result of:

a. a set of learned responses under the control of reinforcers in the environment. b. an overly powerful superego.

c. arrested psychosexual development.

d. regression to the anal stage of psychosexual development.

92) Rock prefers having sex with his pet poodle rather than with women, while Kirk prefers masturbating with a size 38-D cup bra, and Wally likes to rub up against female executives in crowded elevators. What do these men have in common?

a. They all have fetishes.

b. They all probably have sexual problems in normal adult relationships. c. They are all neurotic.

d. They all probably have hormone deficiencies.

93) are victims of rape. a. Elderly women

b. Young children c. Men

d. All of the above.

Final Examination

94) Studies on college campuses of female sexual aggression have found that:

a. Very few women are sexual aggressors, and those who are, are usually deviates or transsexuals.

b. Fewer than 5% of co-eds admit forcing sexual intercourse on dating partners. c. Nearly as many men as women have been the victim of sexual coercion.

d. Females are never the perpetrators of sexual aggression, only the victims.

95) Children are MOST likely to be sexually molested by:

a. a neighbor or member of the family.

b. a transient hanging around the playground. c. a salesman going from house to house.

d. a stranger driving around in a car.

96) Marriages and mating between relatives:

a. is accepted in some cultures but is uncommon. b. is a universal taboo.

c. is accepted everywhere except Europe and North America.

d. accounts for up to one-half of all marriages in large parts of the world.

97) Which of the following is NOT one of the major reasons that people look at sexually explicit material?

a. To rehearse sexual behaviors

b. To enjoy the sexual arousal it produces c. To satisfy voyeuristic desires

d. To learn about sex

98) is any literature or art with a sexual theme. a. Passion

b. Pornography c. Erotica

d. Obscenity

99) A person generally becomes a prostitute:

a. because they have a much higher than normal sex drive. b. because they were made to do it by force.

c. for financial reasons.

d. because of pathological sexual needs.

Final Examination

100) Which of these statements regarding prostitution is FALSE?

a. A major reason that men pay prostitutes is to enjoy sex without the time or effort required of an emotional involvement.

b. The majority of men who go to streetwalker prostitutes pay to have vaginal intercourse with these women.

c. Most men who pay to have sex with men describe themselves as heterosexual or bisexual and are married.

d. Prostitution is perceived as easy income by unskilled, financially destitute women.

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