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How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.

1) You are required to configure and test a DNS server. Configure a DNS server with both forward and reverse lookup. You should configure a domain name zone of <your_surname>, and a reverse name mapping zone of Configure A and PTR records for: host1 –, host2 – and host3 – Configure a CNAME of www for host1, and a CNAME of dc1 for host2. Test the operation of your DNS server using an external client running DNS queries. [10 marks]

2) Create a user “assgn2′ and in their home directory create the files with the following permissions [5 marks].

A file called “test.txt”, with contents “This is a test file”, with read and write permissions for owner, group and other, but no execute permissions. A file called “script1” that runs a simple script of your choosing, with read and execute permissions for group and other, and full read, write and execute permissions for owner. A hidden file called “.test_config”, owned by root with contents “Test config file”, that has root read, write and execute permissions only, no other permissions set. A symbolic link with an absolute path to a system log file of your choosing. A directory called “test_dir” with the owner having full persmissions to create, rename or delete files in the directory, list files and enter the directory. Group and other having permissions to only list files and enter the directory and access files within it. 3) You are required to configure and test a DHCP server to provide IP Address and related configuration parameters to a client computer. Set up a pool of DHCP addresses from to, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS Primary Server of, default lease time of 3 hours and maximum lease time of 6 hours. Test the operation of your DHCP server using an external client requesting a DHCP lease. [10 marks] 4) Capture and describe the network activity occuring between the client and DHCP Server. On your Linux computer use a packet sniffer to capture network traffic, then analyse and describe the overall DHCP lease allocation process, and describe the detail in each packet. [5 marks].

Submitt a learning diary for these activities in which you should include:

Your DHCP configuration, including copies of the underlying DHCP server configuration files; Screenshots from your client device validating the operation of the DHCP server; Details and analysis of the packet capture; What you did; What problems you encountered and how you solved them; How much time you spent on each part of the exercise.


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