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How Can Strategic Human Resource Management Help in Modern Organizational growth?

HR strategies
3 pages
3 sources
To gain some insights into how strategic human resource management can help an organization avoid some common business pitfalls, watch the following video:
How Can Strategic Human Resource Management Help in Modern Organizational growth?
Then respond to the following:
Think about the US Army. Select one of the types of HR strategies discussed in the video that you think would work for your chosen organization. Explain why. What are the strengths and drawbacks of using this as an HR strategy in the organization?
Bring in at least 3 library sources to help strengthen your discussion.
Paper length: 3 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages.
APA Format: STRONG Introduction, Use Sub headers, & STRONG Conclusion
Assignment Expectations
Prepare a paper that is professionally presented (including a cover page, a “List of References,” and a strong introduction and conclusion). Proofread your paper carefully for grammar, spelling and word-usage errors.
Address all aspects of the assignment as stated above.
Limit your Internet searching and focus instead on library searches and be sure to bring in information from the background readings.
Give authors credit for their work. Cite sources of borrowed information in the body of your text as footnotes, numbered end notes or APA style of referencing.

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