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Explain why that is an inherent weakness or provide s possible solution or improvement for that deficiency

1. As the CEO of an organization, you just learned that the information technology (IT) security department hired a convicted hacker who used to write malicious code as a security consultant. Would you overturn this decision? Why, or why not?
As the CEO I don’t think I would overturn the decision. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and this would be his or her chance to redeem themselves. Not only that he or she could be useful to our organization because we could get guidance from him or her as to how they used the malicious code and what we could do to prevent it from happening to my company. Before I make the final decision, I would consult board members and my legal team just in case I change my mind about overturning the decision to hire him or her. All convicted hackers don’t get out and make the same mistakes. 

2. Continuous advancements in technology are deeply affecting the way businesses are managed. Do you think technology (the Internet, for example) should radically alter the fundamental strategies and organizational structures of companies? Or do you think companies can simply graft new strategies and structures onto existing ones? How have innovations in technology affected your life and the way you do business?
Due to the continuous advancements in technology the traditional organization structures do not effectively accommodate the workforce and should be altered to adapt to the changes that technology brings about.  Technology has improved efficiency, decreased labor requirements, decreased and even eliminated some job functions, and has increased overall productivity. Because of these changes, organization structures are currently being modified to include department restructuring, job additions and eliminations, as well as job position changes to include telecommuting, global based work and artificial intelligence.
Innovations in technology have greatly affected my life.  The Smart phone is one piece of technology that has completely changed the way I do business as well as manage my personal life.  I use my phone to hold global meetings, view and respond to email and voice mail, access web-sites, attend web-based training, to shop, order food, summons a taxi, watch tv, get driving directions/traffic updates, and listen to the radio.  Additionally, I can also have a Doctor’s visit right in my home virtually!

3. Identify the THREE TYPES of data and give an example of each TYPE. Do not be tempted to give examples of SOURCES of the data such as the UCR or NIBRS or NCVS. The correct direction is NOT Qualitative and Quantitative. These are categories of data true enough but would be a different discussion. 
a) What are the strengths and weaknesses of each type?
b) Which one is best? Explain why you chose that one.
c) Identify one weakness of the predominant TYPE and use of data in the tracking of crime. 
d) Explain why that is an inherent weakness or provide s possible solution or improvement for that deficiency
According to experience from taking Introduction to Criminal Justice the three types of data that are measured about crimes are Official Data, Victim Data, and Self Reporting Data. Official data refers to crimes such as arrests and convictions that are known and documented by police agencies all over the world. Victim data refers to different data used about communicating with those individuals who have committed crimes to get information about their experience with the other criminals and the crime that was committed. Lastly self-report data refers to specific details about an individual who has been about of a crime or criminal activity. Self-reporting helps to measure the person attitude as it relates to crime, values such as the amount of income, education & family background, and behavior such as gender and racial.  I personally feel all of them play an important part as it relates to measuring crimes because each has advantage of gathering information. However, I feel self-report may poise as the weakest due to those individuals not being honest, being prideful, or over exaggerating the crime that was committed making themselves look innocence. I am sure It is a challenge to get accurate information from those individuals who have committed a crime especially repeated offenders however there are many that will tell the truth and make better decision.

4. David Butler considers whether the Texas City Explosion meets the description of a human-caused disaster resulting from the failure of complex systems. What is your opinion? Do you think this disaster fits the criteria of a failure of complex systems? Why, or why not? Discuss your reasoning.
Rubin defines human-caused disaster resulting from the failure of complex systems as those disaster that are the result of human interaction and development of complex interlaced systems (2012, p. 74). The definition is further explained to include various hazardous material and industrial incidents. The Texas City Explosion involved the hazardous materials of ammonium nitrate and petroleum. It was the result of processes and equipment designed by the operators of the Texas City port. 
This disaster was a combination of multiple system failures in the prevention, mitigation, and response areas. The Port Authority failed to recognize the hazards of ammonium nitrate and put restrictions in place like the Port of Galveston (Rubin, 2012, p. 71). This would have reduced or eliminate the hazard. The other opportunity missed to mitigate the hazard was the planning of the development of the port and loading process. Loading explosive, hazardous materials in an area that manufacturing is established was a poor choice. Not only were other chemicals present to interact with the ammonium nitrate, the population of the area was increased, causing an increased loss of life.
The other system that failed was the response system. The whole volunteer fire department was killed in the initial explosion, and mutual aid plans did not appear to be in place. As will all disaster, the initial response creates another disaster on top of the disaster with all the well-meaning responders who self-deploy and do not have a good unified response plan. This created confusion in the Texas City Explosion and placed responders in harm’s way. Despite the lessons learned from every disaster, this system failure still occurs on most disaster scenes.
The Texas City Explosion was caused by human failures to prevent and mitigate the hazards. This clearly fits the definition of a human-caused disaster resulting from the failure of complex systems.
Rubin, C. B. (2012). Emergency management the American experience, 1900-2010(2nd ed.). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

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