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Evaluating Nutrition Information

Discussion 1: Evaluating Nutrition Information

For this discussion, conduct an internet search for a nutrition question that interests you.  It could be about a particular food or a diet or how food might be beneficial for certain conditions.  Choose an article from your “search”.  Then evaluate the article based on the following criteria:

On what kind of website does the information appear?  (.gov, .com, .net, .edu, etc)
Is the author listed?  If not, can you determine who might have written it?  If so, is there any evidence that the author has some authority in the field of nutrition or health?  (qualifications, credentials [RD/RDN, MD, PhD, MS, etc]
Who is the intended audience for this information?  General public or scholarly?  If scholarly, does it provide a bibliography or reference list?
Are there any clues that the author might be biased?  (selling or promoting a product?  taking a personal stand based on social or political issues? other?)  If so, describe how the article is biased, if not, provide evidence that it is unbiased (ex. they offer both pros/cons; you can find related information from credible sources agreeing with the author, etc).

In your discussion post provide the question you asked in your search, the title of the article you chose, the link to the article, and a brief summary and explanation of your perception of the validity and credibility of the information you found.  Your response should be at least 250 words. 
After posting your response, read the responses of your classmates and respond to at least one in 150 words.

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