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E-Presentation Guidelines – Smart Essays

E-Presentation Guidelines

This Assignment requires you to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer to create your

presentation. In addition, you must have a microphone to record your oral narrative

which will accompany the presentation.

To prepare for this Assignment:

 View the PowerPoint media presentation titled “E-Presentations” in the Learning

Resources for Week 6.

 Review the E-Presentation Rubric (on Slides 16–17 of the media presentation)

and Peer E-Presentation Evaluation Form.

 Consider what points you should make and how to present them to your


To complete this Assignment, create a 6- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation on the organization/company and its corporate social responsibility initiative you selected for your Week 10 paper. Remember to consider the intersection of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and social change. Your presentation should be 6–10 minutes in length. You may want to write out the narration for each slide. Ensure that it reads conversationally and time yourself. In your narration, do not always read and repeat what is on the slides; use the slides to enhance the narrative portion of your presentation. To capture the narrative and embed the audio, follow the steps below:

Directions for creating your E-Presentation narrative/audio

• Open your PowerPoint presentation/slides.

• Select the Slide Show Tab/Record Narration/Set microphone level.

• Talk into your microphone to make sure it is working properly, then select OK.

Begin your narrative for the first slide.

• Advance to the next slide (left click)—be sure you are done speaking before you

left click.

• Record the narrative for the second slide.

• Continue advancing through the slides and recording your narrative.

• After the last slide, you will be asked if you want to save the slide timings—select


• Now start your slide show; the show will progress at the pace you set while

creating the narrative for each slide.

• If you need to redo the recording, simply go back to the first slide, select the Slide

Show Tab, and re-record your narrative; or you may choose to re-record just one

slide at a time.

Repeat until you are satisfied with the presentation and your slide show is 6–10

minutes in length.

Save the PowerPoint presentation with embedded narrative. Once you have saved

and reviewed your presentation (for audio clarity), submit to the “Assignment 2 –

Week 6” submission link. Then select the “Doc Sharing” tab on the left navigation

panel in Blackboard. Refer to the following screenshot:

Open the “Class Doc Sharing” link at the top (highlighted in the screenshot).

You will be taken to a screen that says, “Create Blog Entry.” You are in the right place!

You will post your E-Presentation here. Select the Create Blog Entry button. Then,

create an appropriate title and/or description of the presentation. Attach the presentation

by selecting the Browse button and then selecting the file from your computer. Finally,

submit your presentation by selecting the Post Entry button.

E-Presentation Feedback Guidelines

For this Assignment you are required to view and comment on two E-Presentations.

Use the Peer E-Presentation Evaluation Form located in the Week 6 Learning

Resources to critique each presentation.

You will critique each presentation on the following criteria:

 Content

 PowerPoint Slide Organization and Presentation Style

 Oral Narrative

You will tally the presenter’s points and provide written feedback/comments at the end,

including sharing an insight from having read/listened to your colleague’s presentation.

You will save two copies of the completed feedback form; send one (via e-mail) to your

colleague presenter and submit the other to your Instructor via the assignment

submission link.

Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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