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Does the hospital use IP addresses effectively? Why or why not?

Network Design LabMr. Anderson, the IT director at Canyonland Hospital, is responsible for managing the network. Mr. Anderson has requested your help in proposing a network solution that will meet the hospital’s requirements. The hospital is growing, and the management has released funds for network improvements.The medical staff would like to be able to access medical systems using laptops from any of the patient rooms. Doctors and nurses should be able to access patient medical records, x-rays, prescriptions, and recent patient information. Mr. Anderson purchased new servers and placed them in the data center. The wireless LAN (WLAN) has approximately 30 laptops, and about 15 more are due in six months. The servers must have high availability.Patient rooms are on floors 6 through 10 of the hospital building. Doctors should be able to roam and access the network from any of the floors. A radio-frequency report mentions that a single access point located in each communication closet can reach all the rooms on each floor. The current network has ten segments that reach a single router that also serves the Internet. The router is running Routing Information Protocol Version 1 (RIPv1). The back-end new servers are located in the same segment as those used on floor 1. Mr. Anderson mentions that users have complained of slow access to the servers. He also hands you a table with current IP addresses (see Table 17-1). Mr. Anderson states that they want to prepare the network because the hospital expects to add three new clinics in the next year. Clinic 1 is located 250 miles away and will have 75 clients. Clinic 2 is located 100 miles away and will have 40 clients. Clinic 3 is located 20 miles away and will have 20 clients. The clinics will need access to patient medical records, x-rays, prescriptions, and patient information located on the servers in the hospital’s data center.Mr. Anderson would like a proposal to upgrade the hospital network with fast switches and to provide faster access to the servers. The proposal should also cover secure WLAN access on floors 6 through 10 of the hospital, and a plan for extending the network to the three new clinics (including all network devices in each clinic). Include an IP addressing scheme that reduces the number of Class C networks the hospital uses. Incorporate the clinics into the addressing scheme so that route summarization is possible in the network core. Mr. Anderson wants to reduce the number of networks leased from the Internet service provider (ISP).QuestionsAnswer the following questions:1. What are Canyonland Hospital’s business requirements?2. Are there any business-cost constraints? Why or why not?3. What are the network’s technical requirements?4. What are the network’s technical constraints?5. Prepare a logical diagram of the current network.6. Does the hospital use IP addresses effectively? Why or why not?7. What would you recommend to improve the switching speed between floors?8. Based on the number of servers and clients provided, what IP addressing scheme would you propose? (Provide a table similar to Table 17-1 to outline your addressing scheme. Don’t forget to include the clinics.)9. What would you recommend for the WAN routers and Internet firewall(s)? What features caused you to select these devices?10. What routing protocols would you recommend and why?11. What WAN transmission technology do you recommend for the WAN links and why? (Note: This does not have to be the same for all links.)12.What solution would you recommend for WLAN access and the network upgrade?

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