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Doctoral Demeanor Student Accountability

Doctoral Demeanor and Student Accountability

Complete the Doctoral Demeanor and Student Accountability worksheet.

1.     How do you already demonstrate a doctoral demeanor in your personal, professional, and/or community life; and what aspects are you adding to your daily life?

2.     What would happen if you were to change your demeanor in your personal, professional, and/or community life?

3.     How do you envision your demeanor changing as a result of participating in the doctoral program?

4.     What behaviors will maximize your successful entry in the program?

5.     What expectations do you have of your classmates and faculty members in the program? What do you think your classmates and faculty members expect of you?

6.     What changes do you need to make to move from passive thinking to active- and engaged inquiry?

Click the Assignment Files tab to upload your worksheet.

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