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Distinguish between the three different types of mergers: Horizontal, vertical, and conglomerate

• Strategies for reaching global markets: Licensing, exporting, franchising, contract manufacturing (outsourcing), joint venture, strategic alliance, foreign subsidiaries, and foreign direct investment. • What is meant by free trade? • What is meant by trade protectionism? • Understand the following terms: Tariff, import quota, and embargo. 3 • What is meant by balance of trade, trade surplus (favorable balance of trade), and trade deficit (unfavorable balance of trade)? CHAPTER 4: DEMANDING ETHICAL AND SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR. • Three important questions associated with addressing ethical dilemmas. • Understand the following terms: Ethical dilemma, situational ethics, social responsibility, and philanthropy. • Compliance-based ethics codes versus integrity-based ethics codes. • Social audits. What is one of the major problems in conducting a social audit? CHAPTER 5: HOW TO FORM A BUSINESS. • Advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorships. • Advantages and disadvantages of partnerships. • Advantages and disadvantages of corporations. • Differences between general partnership, limited partnership, and master limited partnership. • Differences between C corporations, S corporations, and limited liability companies. • Purpose of taking a firm private. • Distinguish between the three different types of mergers: Horizontal, vertical, and conglomerate. • Advantages and disadvantages of franchises. CHAPTER 6: ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS. • Intrapreneurs versus entrepreneurs. • Attributes of successful entrepreneurs. • Small-business success and failure. 4 • Ways to learn about small-business operations. • Important ingredients for starting and running a small business. • Definition of a market. CHAPTER 7: MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP. • Skills required for effective managers in the present/future world of business. • Understand the four functions of management: Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. • What is a SWOT analysis? • Distinguish between the four different types of planning: Strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency. • Distinguish between goals and objectives. • Distinguish between the different leadership styles. Is any one leadership style superior to the others under all circumstances? CHAPTER 8: STRUCTURING ORGANIZATIONS FOR TODAY’S CHALLENGES. • Understand the organizational theories of Henri Fayol and Max Weber. • Understand the following terms: Bureaucracy (bureaucratic organization), hierarchy, span of control, division of labor, and departmentalization. • Distinguish between centralized and decentralized management. • Organization models: Line, staff, matrix, and cross-functional self-managed teams. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization model? CHAPTER 10: MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES. • Intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards. • Understand Frederick Taylor’s scientific management. • The importance of the Hawthorne Studies in relation to the direction of management theory. 5 • Understand Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the relationship to employee motivation. • Theory X versus Theory Y versus Theory Z managers. • Distinguish between Herzberg’s hygiene factors and motivators. • What is meant by management by objectives (MBO)? How is an MBO program implemented? • The basic components of expectancy theory. • The basic components of equity theory. CHAPTER 11: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: FINDING AND KEEPING THE BEST EMPLOYEES. • What is the role of human resource management? What are the opportunities and challenges of human resource management? • Understand the six steps in planning human resources. What is meant by a human resource inventory, job analysis, job description, and job specification? • Contingent workers. • Understand the six steps involved in the selection of employees. • Management development and the role of job rotation. • The purpose of appraising employee performance. What are the steps in the performance appraisal process? • Compensation for team performance. • Advantages and disadvantages of a flextime plan. CHAPTER 13: MARKETING: HELPING BUYERS BUY. • What is the goal of the marketing process? • Understand the components of the marketing mix (i.e., the 4 Ps of marketing). 6 • Distinguish between the Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) markets. • Understand the different types of market segmentation: Geographic, demographic, psychographic, benefit, and volume segmentation. • Primary data collection versus secondary data collection. • Understand the following terms: Niche marketing, mass marketing, target marketing, and relationship marketing. • What is cognitive dissonance?

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