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Discuss the opportunity for practice improvement in relation to the case study organization’s talent management policy and practices?

Applied Research Project The applied research project can be undertaken in the student’s own organization, an organization that the student has already researched that they think is suitable for this assignment or an organization suggested by the lecturer. All organizations used as the case study must be made known to the lecturer. Note: it is up to the student to ensure they can access the information necessary from the case study organization they select to undertake this assignment.The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the theory around sourcing staff, human resource development, performance management and the relationship of these HR practice areas to effective talent management policy and practices in their case study organization. Students are required to research talent management. Drawing upon this research literature and the literature used in the Theory and Concept submissions and discussed in the workshops on talent management in Weeks 9 and 11, the student analyses their case study organization and identifies opportunities for practice improvement in talent management in their case study organization. Note the reading list in the Guideline related to the Theory Concept Submissions and talent management.The text prescribed for this unit is Sparrow, P Scullion, H and Tarique, I (2012) Strategic Talent Management Contemporary Issues in the International Context, Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom. This is a key academic resource for the applied research project.The research report should contain a clearly designated Introduction Section that sets the scene for the research report, defines key terms, and sets out the central argument about improvements in the case study organization’s current talent management processes.The research report should contain a Background Section that provides a brief synthesis of key factors perceived to be shaping the case study organization’s current workforce management challenges as they pertain to talent management.The report must contain a Discussion Section should address four specific questions:1. What are the perceived benefits of talent management and its relationship to organizational performance (drawing on the research literature)2. What are the perceived challenges in implementing an effective talent management approach (drawing on the research literature)3. Discuss the different conceptual approaches that can be used in managing talent and how the nature of the organization would influence the most appropriate approaches used (drawing upon the research literature)?4. Discuss the opportunity for practice improvement in relation to the case study organization’s talent management policy and practices (drawing on the research literature)?The report must contain a Findings and Conclusions Section. The findings part of the Section identify what was found from the research literature and the conclusions part of the Section identify why these findings hold significance for the case study organization in terms of organizational performance. The report must also contain a Recommendations Section. The Recommendation Section should be ‘action oriented’ and must addresses whether and to what extent there is opportunity in the case study organization for practice improvement in talent management and what form any such improvements might take? Such improvements must have the potential to have benefit for employers and employees. The recommendations must draw from and be consistent with the Discussion Section and the Findings and Conclusions Section of the report.Students are required to use a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed journal articles and two scholarly texts. The use of 8 peer-reviewed journal articles is a minimum standard expected in order to pass the assignment; the achievement of higher grades (e.g. Credit, Distinction, and High Distinction) requires additional research and more sophisticated analysis to be undertaken.Note all articles listed in the Reference List must be cited in-text and all articles cited in-text must be listed in the Reference List. It is the student’s responsibility to edit their work to ensure appropriate referencing has occurred. Failure to do so may lead to a query about academic integrity. Students need to check the Urkund Report for their assignment and rewrite and resubmit any work that has a Urkund of greater than 15% where this applies to the body of the report.While students are expected to work together in their Learning Sets they must not collude in the writing of their reading reviews or their project-based assignment. If this is detected it could lead to a Summary Inquiry and the loss of marks for that assignment.

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