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Develop various models using a professional CASE tool

1. TIMELINES AND EXPECTATIONS.Your assignment will be assessed by your tutor or lecturer if your lecturer is also your tutor. You willreceive your mark and written feedback via Moodle two weeks after the due date or submission,whichever is later.2. INTRODUCTIONIn this assignment you will model the behaviour of systems or subsystems for two of your mostcomplex use cases using two UML diagrams (activity diagram and system sequence diagram) andwrite the extended use case description. You must also submit test plans and screens developedusing InVision.Section 3 describes the motivation behind the design of this assignment. Section 4 providesinformation on how and what to submit (note that Moodle has been setup so there is only onesubmission from each group). Section 5 explains the tasks for individual and group work. You willfind the criteria for marking your submission in Section 6.3. MOTIVATION.The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that you know:1. How to write extended use case texts.2. How to model the dynamic aspect of a system using UML (activity diagram and systemsequence diagram).3. How to develop screen prototypes to assist analysis.4. How to develop quality test plans.The assignment addresses the following learning outcomes:K1. Explain how models are used to assist in analysing and modifying existing business systems;K2. Define various roles involved in the processes of system analysis;K3. Describe techniques used to gather required information for system analysis;K4. Explain the various stages of the system development life cycle;S1. Identify appropriate models for given scenarios;S2. Develop various models using a professional CASE tool;S4. Perform Object Oriented Analysis and Design to construct various object models used tocommunicate the scope and requirements of the project.Page 2/5ITECH2002 – Systems ModellingAssignment 2 SpecificationA1. Write integrated reports, using appropriate models, providing detailed analysis of given textualscenarios.4. HOW AND WHAT TO SUBMIT• Moodle has been set up so each group submits only one document – anyone from a team cansubmit.• Submit a Word or text document which has the link to a GoogleDoc document which has thegroup work and individual work and the link to the top level InVision screen. This GoogleDocdocument must be complete: if it uses LucidChart, then please include the images drawn inLucidChart in GoogleDoc and provide the link to the LucidChart images. In other words, readersshould only need to read the GoogleDoc document without having to refer to LucidChart. Wewill check the history of GoogleDoc and InVision Screens to find out how much you havecontributed to this assignment. You must share the GoogleDoc, LucidChart and InVisionScreens with your lecturer and tutor.As a general guide to how the document should look, think about your target audience, which inthis case is another system analyst and a quality assurance (QA) team who will work with thesystem. Remember that everyone is busy and overloaded with information, so please include onlythe most essential information: be brief but clear. The QA team will use the test plans to developautomated system tests. We expect the GoogleDoc document to have the following information:1. The name of the organisation you are modelling.2. The name and student ID of each team member and the name of the system or subsystemmodelled.3. For each member, the extended use cases, activity diagrams, and system sequence diagrams fortwo of the most complex use cases.4. Snapshots of all screens, and a link to the top level Invision screen which links to the screen ofeach member. The screen for each team member must be from one of the two use casesselected in step 3.5. For each member, the test plan for the use case chosen in step 4 – in other words, the test planmust be for the same use case as for the screen design.

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