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Describe the organization’s mission. Relate its stated mission to its activities.

Describe the organization’s mission. Relate its stated mission to its activities.

Research a federal governmental organization related to healthcare, such as FEMA, FDA, NIH, CDC, or HHS. It is important to note that some federal agencies are interconnected and work collaboratively; therefore, it might be advantageous to compare and contrast roles and responsibilities of your selected organization.

  1. Describe the organization’s mission. Relate its stated mission to its activities. Include information to address their roles and responsibilities and provide a clear definition as to the charge of the federal agency.
  2. Select one of the following public health issues and describe 2 –3 important activities of the organization to address the issue:infant mortality rates, reducing heart disease, infectious diseases, or airborne pathogens.
  3. Examine resources utilization by the organization, particularly resources relevant the selected public health issue.
  4. Discuss the organization’s effectiveness in decreasing/improving the selected public health issue.
  5. Introduce 2–3 strategies or an action plan of public health priorities in the twenty-first century to create a healthier nation.

Write a 5-page report about the organization you select. Format the paper in the current APA style and cite sources in the correct format.

BySaturday, November 5, 2016, submit your work to theW4 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Described the organization’s mission and related it to its activities.10
Described 2–3 important activities of the organization relevant to selected public health issue.10
Examined resource utilization relevant selected public health issue.15
Evaluated effectiveness in reducing selected public health issue.15
Presented a structured document free of spelling and grammatical errors.5
Properly cited sources using the APA format

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