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defines a sentence definition. as “a one-sentence clarification [that is] more formal than a parenthetical definition.


The course textbook (Ch. 20) defines a sentence definition. as “a one-sentence clarification [that is]  more formal than a parenthetical definition. A sentence definition usually follows a standard pattern: the item to be defined is placed in a category of similar items and then distinguished from them.”

From the following list, select three kitchen appliances and write a sentence definition for each (item = category +distinguishing characteristics).

For example, A toaster is a small electric appliance designed to heat both sides of sliced bread by exposing them to radiant heat, thus converting them into a browned and crisped condition.]

Select from this list of appliances.

*Coffee maker

*Microwave oven





Tips:  See p. 537. Watch for:  Specificity; circular definitions; category with a noun.  A circular definition:  A blender is an appliance that blends…

Attach a title page in APA format. Number pages. Double space. Indent paragraphs

Submit assignment to Write Point & Plagiarism Checker and post results with the assignment.

Save all assignment document files:  Last name_first initial_title of assignment



On this worksheet, please respond to the questions below that require short answer or discussion, as indicated.

Short Answers: 1 pt.

1. What is the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and what is its mission? (Note. This can be quoted from the STC site.)

2. What professional chapter is closest to where you live? Brief answer acceptable.

3. Name and briefly describe three technical communications careers. Brief answer acceptable

4. What is the name of the STC quarterly journal? Brief answer acceptable.

5. What is a special interest group (SIG) within the Society? Name one SIG. related to the field of technical communication. Brief answer acceptable.

Discussion: 3 pts.

6. To be considered technical communications, communications must exhibit one or more of certain characteristics. List 3 and discuss their importance or relevance. Minimum 150 words.

7. What is the difference between technical writing and technical communication? Discuss. Min. 100 words.

8. Based on your text, what are the characteristics of writing at work? What must you keep in mind when writing at work, and how does it differ from writing for school? Discuss. Min. 150 words.


9. Attach a title page to this worksheet. Use APA style and format for the title page and this worksheet. Number pages. Double space. Indent paragraphs. (.5 pt.)

10. Cite the website [and any other sources used] in the text of your assignment and on a separate References page. Use APA style and format. (.5 pt.)

11. Proofread for grammar and punctuation. Submit your assignment to Write Point & Plagiarism Checker. Post results with assignment (1 pt.)


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