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Critically analyse, manage and present inmeaningful ways information and data, andTo act as an ethical practitioner while demonstrating skillsin data analysis, database design, system design, webdesign and software development and testing

a)b)c)To gather, critically analyse, manage and present inmeaningful ways information and data, andTo act as an ethical practitioner while demonstrating skillsin data analysis, database design, system design, webdesign and software development and testing.To implement and document user experience analysis,design and testing.a)b)c)Design and build relational databases.Define views and formulate efficient queries using a querylanguage, andBe knowledgeable about issues relating to data access andretrieval, storage, ethics and privacy.ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION:This assessment is an individual Project.International Parcel Service (IPS) has asked you to design and implement their system. Thecompany wants to store the records of customers, employees, retail centres and items being shipped.The heart of IPS system is the item being shipped.DescriptionThe shipment process starts when items are received into the system at a single retail centre.Retail centres are characterized by their type, uniqueID, address and employees that are working inthat centre. The system records the name of the employee who has received the item at the retailE.g. a task marked out of 40 will incur a 2 mark penalty .Student Policies and FormsKent Institute Australia Pty. Ltd.Assessment Brief ABN 49 003 577 302 CRICOS Code: 00161E RTO Code: 90458Version: as atTEQSA Provider Number: PRV12051centre. Shipped items can be characterized by item number (unique), weight, dimensions, insuranceamount, destination, final delivery date and any special instructions given by the customerregarding handling of the item.Once an item is received, a receipt is generated which is given to the customer. The receipt containsthe information such as item number, date on which item is received, and the charges paid. Shippeditems make their way to their destination using many transportation modes such as flights or trucks.The transportation of every single item is recorded with transportation events which arecharacterized by a unique scheduleNumber, a type (e.g, flight, truck), and a deliveryRoute.Tasks to be completedGiven the above information:1. Create a complete ERD with all entities and relationships to support the IPS needs asdescribed above. The entities should have appropriate attributes and suitable data types.Every relationships should have appropriate connectivity and cardinalities.2. Convert the ERD to a set Relational tables in at least 3NF and draw a dependency diagram.3. Create a database using MS ACCESS – with primary keys, foreign keys and other attributesmentioned for each entity using proper constraints.4. Create a form to input/update data for ITEMS.5. Input some significant data in each table showing your understanding of the scenario.6. Create three queries – SELECT, JOIN and one NUMERIC Function query; you can use anytables and any fields.7. Create a report using any one of the above queries.List any additional business rules that you may assume to submit the ERD and database as completeas possible.ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION:The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials MUST be submittedelectronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats (e.g., pdf or MAC file) may not bereadable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will beconsidered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in MS Word. No paper based orhardcopy submission will be accepted.

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