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Compare those to attitudes and beliefs among college stakeholders today


Given the elements and factors described by Thelin (2019) that constitute the “collegiate ideal,” or “collegiate way,” reflect on the ways in which campus culture and popular perceptions of college life evolved over time. Compare those to attitudes and beliefs among college stakeholders today, as represented in the text- What Is the “Collegiate Way” Today? (linked in Resources). How are the shared beliefs of faculty, students, and the public today similar to and different from earlier times?

The history of higher education is vast and interesting. When we hear the word college,
we might envision ivy-covered walls, a professor lecturing to a group
of earnest students, or students walking across a campus with books
under their arms. John Thelin (2019), the author of the primary text for
this course, refers to these images or perceptions as part of “the
collegiate ideal,” while historian Frederick Rudolph (1990) used the
phrase the collegiate way.

Parents, students, faculty, and administrators view the
collegiate ideal from different standpoints. In this unit, you will look
at several viewpoints and form some of your own. You will discover the
perspectives of historical stakeholders, reflect on those of the
present, and predict what the future “collegiate ideal” will look like.


Rudolph, F. (1990). The American college and university: A history. Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press.

Thelin, J. R. (2019). A history of American higher education (3rd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.



Paaarrr–ty! Oh, yeah, college is going to be wild, and… Wait…
You are not going to show this to my parents, are you? No? OK. So here
is the deal: this is my chance to break out on my own, you know, find
out what I can really do. I love my parents, but when I go away to
school, they are not going to be looking over my shoulder. I will decide
what parties I go to, and when I do my homework, y’know?


Going into debt. College is getting incredibly expensive. We do
pretty well, but even so, we have not saved up enough for all this is
going to cost. And it seems like the schools do not hesitate to raise
tuition. I do not know… Tiffany is a pretty good student, and I think
she needs a college education to have a decent future… I just do not
know how we’re going to pay for it. We will do all we can, but she’s
going to have get a loan for at least part of it.


An advanced sharing of ideas… a place to develop intellectually.
College should be a place for students to learn and evolve academically
and developmentally. Sometimes, of course, I do question how much they
are really learning. Many of them do not buy their books, are texting or
on Facebook during class and just generally feel entitled. I have had
students say to me “I pay your salary, so you better not give me a hard
time.” Even if they are kidding, the thought is still there. And so many
students come here needing remedial math or English. This sets them
back and prolongs graduation. I do not know how they pay for four years
of tuition, let alone five!


The importance of networking for endowment growth. We need to do more
and more with less and less. That means, for example, keeping
up-to-date with technology on a lower budget which could mean cutbacks
in other areas such as deferring needed maintenance or cutting back on
staff. So I am spending more time out in the community networking with
the hope of raising funds. This means I have to leave more of the
day-to-day managing to the vice presidents. They are a good group, but I
feel I am losing site of what is going on around campus.


The bottom line. Colleges and universities provide tremendous value
these days, and none of it is free. The states and the federal
government continue to scale back their support. That means the students
have to pay more, or we have to do a better job of getting support from
the private sector. As a board member, I can support lots of
alternatives, but I have to vote for those alternatives that are most
important for the long-term health of the institution.


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