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Communication Assignment

Subsystem: Communication

Use Your Selected Community from the Physical Environment assignment.


Communication as a subsystem can influence personal health choices among all ages. This subsystem is often used to promote health by sharing information about community health fairs and health education opportunities. Health professional students will gain an understanding about communication influences on determinants of health and explore ways communication systems can be used to promote and support health. Mayor Franklin Hill is available to share insight about communication in Sentinel City® (SC).

Assignment Instructions

  1. Review the following resources:
    1. Course textbook and/or other assigned readings
    1. Review social determinants of health
    1. Review CDC website: E.coli (Escherichia coli) at
    1. Meet with Mayor Hill to learn about communication in SC®
  2. Enter SC® and begin the bus tour of your selected neighborhood within SC®.
  3. Tour the neighborhood, explore all types of communication efforts within the neighborhood. What types of advertisements and billboards do you observe? Are there indications of mass communication? If signs or billboards are present, what issues are addressed? Compare to the rest of Sentinel City.
  4. Identify formal and informal methods for communicating health information to children and adults (See Case Scenario below, research the definition of formal and informal communication).
  5. Using an evidence-based approach, develop a newspaper, poster, billboard or radio public service announcement.
  6. Contact your Academic Coach if you require clarification.
Subsystem: Communication Local politics and government policies impact conditions that influence the health status of people. For this assignment, identify two conditions you observed that can have a negative influence on health that can be addressed by the local government. Develop two policy recommendations to present to Mayor Hill that address conditions you identified that can negatively affect a community’s overall health.
Formal forms of communication observed     
Informal forms of communication noted     
What should be added to strengthen communication within and across neighborhoods in Sentinel City®?   
What do signs, billboards, or posters tell about the life of residents in this community?   
What is the relationship of the subsystem: communication to determinants of health? 
Case Scenario There has been a recent multi-neighborhood foodborne outbreak involving E.coli (Escherichia coli) in Sentinel City®.  Sixty elementary school age children were out sick this week. A number of adults and children from all four neighborhoods have presented at local clinics and the emergency room with complaints of abdominal pain, sudden severe diarrhea, nausea, and fatigue. What form of formal mass communication would be most effective for educating the public about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of E.coli in the city? Use government websites or scholarly literature to support your rationale for the mass communication method you select. In 150 words or less, develop a newspaper script, poster, or billboard appropriate for adults and teens as well as one specifically for elementary school age children. How would you communicate the same information informally? When preparing information to share with the community, consider demographics of each neighborhood and health literacy.
Formal Communication method:    Informal Communication method:
Rationale for using this method: (cite your resource and add create reference list per APA).      Rationale for using this method: (cite your resource and add create reference list per APA).  
150 words or less newspaper script, poster, or billboard for adults and teens If you opt for a Poster (in the form of a 1 slide PowerPoint) must be attached as an appendix After the reference page.                
150 words or less newspaper script, poster, or billboard for elementary school age children   If you opt for a Poster (in the form of a 1 slide PowerPoint) must be attached as an appendix After the reference page.              


Appendix or Appendices

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