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Collaboration and partnerships are needed with existing groups

Collaboration and partnerships are needed with existing groups

Comment using your own words but please provide at least one reference for each comment.

Do a half page for discussion #1 and another half page for discussion #2 for a total of one page.

Provide the comment for each discussion separate.

Discussion 1

There are several reasons as to why Collaboration and partnerships are needed with existing groups. The first reason as to why we need collaborations and partnerships is to enhance efficiency in problem-solving; groups face various problems regularly, thus making it hard for the groups to be able to achieve the outlined objectives. Collaboration gives room for the groups to come together and share ideas on various ways through which problems in a group can be solved, thus making it easy to achieve the goals of the group.

Collaboration and partnerships are also needed in existing groups because they improve the health of the group through collective action which ranges from; collaboration, corporation, coordination and networking. New groups are very crucial in this process because they enhance efficiency, thus making it easy to achieve the outlined objectives. New groups are also crucial in this process because they provide substantial support in the partnerships and collaborations, thus ensuring that the community can meet the outlined objectives. New groups are also important because they help in various activities such as; coordination of activities, corporation as well as networking. This is major actions required in the process; thus, the new groups may be assigned to the above tasks (Orleans et al. 2016).

There are several ways through which the collaboration helps nurses in public health to assists their clients in the process of modification of unhealthy behaviours as well as the development of strategies which help in improving health. First, the collaboration helps the nurses in public health through them an opportunity to be able to assess public health needs and provide their clients with information which is required in the promotion of self-care as well as health. The collaboration also equips nurses in public health with skills as well as competencies which are needed to be able to tackle the burden of health determinants; this makes it easy to modify the unhealthy behaviours and also be able to develop strategies which help in the improvement of health.


With the current voice of our community and generation, I believe that we as the community need to provide care and resources for those of the LGBTQ community. I’m not posting this to start a political or religious feud, as a nurse who has cared for those in this community, we as a health care environment need to do so much more. Not only for physical care, but psychological and financial care as well.  How do we do this? Where do we start? My local community has just opened a community care center focusing on LGBTQ patients and their families. Their health and wellness focus is that of HIV testing, AA meetings, and yoga, just to name a few. They also have a SAGE community that focuses on the older adult community. I want to be involved in health care that is accepting to ALL.



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