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Case Study: Abdominal pain and diarrhoea

NSG2ANB  : NSG2HPB – Case Study  – Nursing Assignment

It is 1400pm and you have come on for a pm shift and you are caring for a gentleman called Bob Jackson. Bob arrived on the ward last evening at 9pm following an admission from the emergency department with increasing abdominal pain and diarrhoea for the past week. (See NSG2HPB for full examination). Bob presses his call bell and asks for pain relief. He describes his pain using COLDSPA as:

Question 1.

According to Bob’s medication chart the options you have for pain relief are:

• Paracetamol 1gm PO QID (Bob last had 1gm dose at 0800am) 
• Endone 5-10mg PO PRN (3-4 hourly) (Bob last had 5mg dose at 1130am) 
• Celebrex 200mg PO PRN (BD) (Bob last had one 200mg dose before he came to hospital he has not had a dose since his hospital admission)

Which medication (select only one) would you administer to Bob now based on the above information you have been given? And Why? Provide a detailed rationale for your answer (use an array of literature to support your choice)

Question 2

Working as a nurse requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Select one member of the multidisciplinary team (NOT a doctor) that you would engage in Bob’s care throughout his hospital admission. Provide a detailed rationale for your answer (use an array of literature to support your choice)

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