Case 1: Panic Disorder

Module/Week 2 Case Study Assignment

Case 1: Panic Disorder

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Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology

Gorenstein & Comer, 2015

DSM Application (10 points): List the DSM criteria for Autism. Next to each criterion, detail the specific symptoms that match.

Assessment Questions (6 @ 5 points each):

#1: In the case of “Joe,” what event precipitated his panic attack?

#2: Why is Joe’s case different from most panic attacks?

#4: Why do individuals first suspect a general medical condition?

#5: Why was Dr. Geller convinced that panic disorders are “best explained by a combination of biological and cognitive factors?”

#7: How did Joe’s avoidance of going outside alone contribute to his panic disorder?

#8: What was the outcome for Joe?

Bible Application Question (10 points, 50 word minimum): Discuss this case and disorder from a biblical perspective using at least 1 Scripture reference (direct quotes do not count towards length requirement).

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