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Analyze the behavior or interaction in terms of relevant course concepts


Final Paper A
This paper is based on your observing, for at least an hour or two, a specific off-campus setting that is new to you. The setting should be one you have never been in before, where you can watch behavior you do not usually see, or perhaps a setting you have been in before but in a different role.
Observe this new situation and apply course material to what you see around you. You should select a setting likely to present behaviors you can analyze based on a range of course concepts.
There are many settings to choose from. Some to consider: a religious service of a denomination you know nothing about; a basketball game if you never attend sports events; a crowded Saturday night movie by yourself if youve never gone to a movie alone; a session of the legislature or a court; a political rally; a downtown coffee shop; a long-distance bus trip. Provide notes from your observation. Your paper should:
a.Describe the setting, the people who are part of it, the behaviors you observed, or the interactions (e.g. conversation) you were a part of;
b.Analyze the behavior or interaction in terms of relevant course concepts (this analysis should be the main part of the paper);
c.Relate the situation and behavior/interaction to your own life (e.g. why you chose this setting, what you expected to see and saw, what you expected to see but didnt, how your behavior was influence by others, how the situation influence other people to act).

Note: your paper should be at least 4 pages, typewritten, double-spaced (12pt Times New Roman font), and with your References in APA format.

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