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A Critical Approach Towards An Integrative Dynamic Framework For Understanding And Managing Organizational Culture Change


UU-PSY704 – Organizational Culture Management

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Assignment 1: Brief & Guidelines

A. Description

Type: Academic Essay

Essay title: “A critical approach towards an integrative dynamic framework for understanding and managing organizational culture change”

The emergence of organizational culture may not be fully understood based on the assumption that the dominant values of an influential group of employees is what drives the prevailing type of culture within an organization. In this module, the concept of cultural dynamics was introduced in order to describe the ongoing processes involved in the way in which a system of values is transformed into a stable type of organizational culture. An integrative dynamic framework was recommended as an effective means of managing culture change and organizational effectiveness.

In an academic essay format, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the recommended framework in terms of its capability to establish a new type of organizational culture. In your essay, you must focus on the following topics:

i. The dimensions of the concept of organizational culture which are relevant to the framework

ii. The contextual approach to organizational culture which appears to be most relevant to the framework

iii. An operational definition of organizational culture

iv. The role of the framework in helping us understand the relationship between culture and organizational performance and between culture and organizational culture management

v. The role of cultural dynamics and integrative cultural dynamics in organizational culture change

vi. The relationship between organizational culture change and organizational

effectiveness in the context of the integrative dynamic framework

vii. The role of transformational integrative leadership behaviour in enhancing organizational value

You are expected to follow faithfully the academic essay format, while utilising the APA

referencing system for your reference list. A minimum of 15 academic references must be used.

Furthermore, you are expected to support any arguments made with evidence from well-known

scientific journals or textbooks. It is preferable, yet optional, if you are able to collect some form of

data yourselves (primary data analysis). However, you are expected to utilise secondary data

provided in relevant research studies in such a way so to support key arguments and points raised in

your essay (secondary data analysis). This may involve either qualitative or quantitative data


analysis or a combination of the two (mixed data analysis). Normally, qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis are presented and discussed in a different way. You should be mindful of properly treating available data.

It is important to note that, while you are developing arguments or clarifying points, case studies or practical examples of specific organizations may be used to support such arguments. However, you should ensure that this is publicly-disseminated information included in reports, credible websites or organizational documents, which must be fully and properly referenced.

Finally, you should aim to close your essay with clear policy recommendations associated with the ways in which modern organizations are capable of managing organizational culture change effectively. For this reason, you must discuss indicators/outcomes, such as “performance”, “productivity”, “effectiveness”, “organizational value”, etc.

Word Limit: 3000 words (absolute max word count: 3500)

Assessment task: Part I; 50% of the final module mark

Online Submission: End of week 4 (Sunday)

Time: By 11:59 p.m. (23:59 hours) UTC time at the latest.

Important Note: If you miss the deadline, UNICAF rules on late submission/non-submission will come into effect.

B. Learning outcomes

Description of learning outcomes assessed:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the different contextual approaches to organizational

culture, i.e. sociological, anthropological and psychological approaches.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the definition of the concept of organisational culture and its constituent elements, as well as the concept of organizational culture management.

3. Apply critical thinking in evaluating the role of culture in organizational life and, especially, in the way in which organizational culture influences vital organizational variables.

4. Critically describe and compare the different processes involved in cultural dynamics and organizational culture change.

5. Apply analytical and critical thinking in assessing the practical value of the recommended integrative dynamic framework for managing organizational culture change and organizational effectiveness.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership in organizational culture management in the context of the recommended integrative dynamic framework for organizational culture change.

Please note the learning outcomes assessed in this assignment corresponds to the learning outcomes (1) to (6) appeared in the “Module Specifications” document.


C. Additional academic information

1. A complete and consistent reference list and proper in-text citation using the APA referencing system are compulsory. Accurate referencing of scientific sources used is crucial for an academic essay. Please make sure you are fully familiar with the APA referencing system. Marks will be deducted for inaccurate referencing.

2. Theoretical evidence based on well-known scientific research should drive any arguments you want to develop.

3. The requested maximum word count is an important guideline and must be

respected. This, essentially, means that you should train yourselves to write concisely and succinctly.

4. Your assignment should be word processed; Times New Romans, Font size 12, 1.5 line spacing and numbered pages (the ‘title’ page of your essay should be numbered but the numbering should be hidden).

5. You are expected to follow the formal academic format of preparing an essay. Please find all information you need about the widely-known academic format of essay writing before starting to prepare your essay. This consists of a number of sections including an introductory and closing sections (‘introduction’, ‘conclusions’). In the ‘introduction’, you should ‘set-the-scene’, i.e. present the primary aim of your essay, your objectives, the approach you will follow, the types of data you will utilise and, finally, briefly describe the content of the sections that follow. In the ‘conclusions’, you are expected to ‘connect- the-dots” between the different arguments developed in the essay, explain how your work addressed the primary aim and objectives of your essay in combination with the seven requested topics, i.e. points (i) to (vii) above and, finally, summarise the findings of your work. You are not expected to comment on how your work satisfies the set of ‘learning outcomes’, as described above, but if you feel this could improve the quality of your ‘conclusions’, you are free to do so. The overall number of sections depends solely on your approach and the material you aim to present. However, you are expected to briefly review relevant literature and address each and every point requested above. You are encouraged to use ‘sub-sections’, if you feel they will improve the structure of your essay. You have a degree of freedom in the way you want to title the sections in the main body of your essay, but you must ensure that there is a logical sequence in the presentation in order to strengthen readability. Your reference list should form the final section of your essay.

6. Please note that ‘tables’, ‘graphs’ and ‘diagrams’ are very helpful in an academic essay because they help improve comprehension. Those must be inserted within the main body of your essay, but they are not calculated in the final word count. The same stands for any ‘appendices’ you may want to use and the reference list. Please note, it is not appropriate to include important material in an appendix. Only additional analysis, more advanced evidence or further discussion may be used to form an appendix.

7. You are expected to submit your essay using the Sumbission Link located in the suitable

‘Assignment Point’ in the description of the weekly material. Your submission will take place via turnitin. Therefore, please make sure you are aware of plagiarism and academic


misconduct regulations provided by UNICAF. Please note, you are responsible to ensure you are fully informed about such important regulations.

8. Finally, as part of your commitment to maintaining confidentiality, anonymity and privacy in any data utilised, it is important that you only use published data and information. You may use the actual name of an organization, if it has become known by the communication media or formal/informal publications. Please avoid using names of individuals, unless those names appear in the public sphere (for example, the name of an organisation’s CEO). If you aim to include primary data in your work, you must ensure that an informed consent is going to be obtained by all study participants and all ethics-related issues will be addressed and be properly reported within the essay.

D. Procedural information

• This is an individual assignment. It is not group work.

• Relevant literature refers only to valid, credible, widely-accepted academic literature based on scientific peer-reviewed journals, textbooks and monographs.

• The word count is 3000 words. There is always a degree of flexibility in the word count, which is up to +/- 10%. This means that a final word count of 2700 or 3300 words will be accepted. However, if you choose to utilize the maximum possible word count, i.e. 3500 words, there is no flexibility to go beyond that number.

• The marking of your assignment is anonymous. For this reason, please do not include your name on the assignment cover sheet; you may only use your student number for identification purposes.

• You are expected to be fully informed and familiarized with late submission and extension for late submission request procedures. Please familiarise yourselves with such regulations. Last minute accidents involving data loss, corrupted files, faulty laptops and so on can be avoided by backing up your work regularly.

• Please note that your tutor is not expected to pre-assess an early draft of your assignment. However, brief comments and feedback may be requested on short sections or if you need general guidance about the structure and overall presentation of your work.

• The feedback is expected to enable you to acknowledge mistakes and weak points, which may help you further develop your learning capability in the future.

E. Marking criteria

Assessment element Marking Weight


Presentation (General Presentation and APA referencing system) 10

Essay content, descriptive, analytical and critical analysis, brief

review of the literature, satisfaction of main aim and objectives, as well as learning outcomes. 50

Essay structure and organization, information synthesis, coherence

of arguments and consistency of information/evidence presented. 30

Formal language for academic writing, clarity, accuracy,

information synthesis and punctuation 10

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